==Sub Skill==
Apollo's main draw nowadays is without a doubt his sub skill. An unrestricted 15% increase is incredibly flexible, allowing you to promote a boost on any Red red card is nothing to sneer atthat may need it- it is 20% lower than the specialized damage Stab sub for Mammon (that being Earl Walrus) but has no straight+ restriction and will convey a comparable boost. The conditional only being "equipped unconditionally, to fire-element" is incredibly flexible towards anything elseboot.<br>This offers a is obviously less efficient off skill icon, but the skill boost that is only only 5% short of specialized increases for the harder-equivalent to-sub cards (e.g. defense/enhance/healing cards; this includes such standouts as Gambler!). While most S unconditional subs, and the icon would not match in those casesstats from Apollo's higher level base will generally make you come out somewhat even, most of the though prioritizing him over S cards you would attach Apollo be a mistake, making him a good fix to there generally donany skill types you't take advantage of stats as much as an actual attack card anywayre missing subs for.<br><br>
UltimatelyOn skill-icon, his choices are pretty fantastic. Including stars such as Noel and Mammon, you can make great use of his high skill level for a massive amount of stats over S cards, making him a good choice over even 25% S cards, in most cases. However, his competition in this regard is pretty high on the SS front, as spear includes the powerful general boost of Meiling, and the conditional 28% of Jade. These boosts are however non-restricted to color, so Apollo still may get use, even if you have them. Also most notably, 15% is basically the par number for most Enhance and Support cards- only dwarfed by a great sub to fill few subcards, mostly conditional. The slight problem Apollo faces in anywhere you could need him in Redthis front is the slightly crummy base of Enhance and Support for red, for those who don't have endless fortunes to pull three basically consisting of the perfect subsIfrina, Gambler, and Pearl- Not a huge pool, and with some questionable choices.
==Recommended Subcards==
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Sub Skill

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