Apollo has 's damage is surprisingly strong, boasting a decent damage multiplier with an alright slightly higher modifier than average and having a respectable attack stat to run with, - but the main benefit is the +ATK as always his true power lies in his buff that will last for the rest of the dungeon. Unfortunately, due to the secondary application of the boostWith in now being effected, you cannot actually enhance it in any fashioncan reach +3 or +4 easily, so for all intents and purposes he is only worth theoretically may be able to reach +1 (or +2 if you meet 5, though reports and the straight+ condition on his SL6-7)math don't quite add up. NowHis buff will not be effected by enhance cards, while this feature does mean you can comfortably run Mammon as a sub card for Apollo, you would be fairly insane to do sobut his damage will.
==Sub Skill==
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