Formerly One of the few cards to get a potentmajor boost from some sub-card system changes, if not priority choice for Apollo is a mediocre attacker that boasts an incredibly powerful after-effect, and is a red stab very powerful card, Apollo has fallen that is not bad to have around. While he pales in usefulness and value significantly with the release of damage to other red Stab cards , such as Mammon (who can do everything Apollo does significantly better) or Galvinand Noel, he makes up for it with sheer versatility.
Regardless, Apollo shouldn't be discounted if seen in s main strength as a draw with more desirable cards, as he card is holder of a rare type of definitely his generalized sub red skill. This can make boost, allowing him a valuable to buff up red enhances such as Ifrina and Gambler, as well as work as an SS sub both for any red card you may desire, and ultimately works well on the powerful red stab attacker base, including himself. However, as a main card, while his immediate replacement (Mammon), damage may not be as well strong as other red cards where it might used to be hard , his ability to find more specialized buff attack is now effected by his subs (healers- meaning you can easily boost his buff up to +4 or +5, defensive cards, etcand flash buff yourself to maximum attack.)
It should be noted when playing him, howeverHowever, he shares a nasty super fusion pool that he will cause him to fuse with one of the more popular PVE stars such as Ifrina in hands (as well as Phoenix and Johan, but those two are significantly rarer) and which may hurt alliesruin your day, or your attacker' attempts to make better plays as Divine Flames of Immortality is incredibly subpars enhance. Proceed with caution when playing your Apollo.
==Main Skill==
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