**Evasion Shields work pretty well for the most part; You can evade the Preemptive Attack and the Release Attack. Doesn't work out too much against her normal attacks, but they don't hit particularly hard.
**Status Reflect/Immunity: They can help bounce back/prevent some of the Debuffs flying around. If you manage to have some with added Damage Reduction, that helps as well.
===Super Dragon Emperor===
*As usual, this is a completely different fight than normal.
*Armageddon now has 10 Million HP to burn through!
*Armageddon's Preemptive Attack breaks Shields and hits the Party for 99% HP Gravity damage as well as -10 to all Stats!
*Armageddon will pretty much break Shields and attack the Party for 99% HP Gravity damage every turn.
**As such, you'll need to stay topped up on HP as much as possible!
**Likewise, all Shields are functionally useless.
*After her first turn, Armageddon will apply an Evasion Shield as well as Buffing herself +10 to all Stats.
**Breaking the Shield or using Cards that guaranteed to hit are critical!
*Interestingly enough, Gehenna can be quite useful as Armageddon is not immune to Gravity damage.
*At the end of Turn 4, Armageddon will prepare to Instantly Kill the Party on the next Turn by attacking normally and applying Damage UP (Overwrite Disabled) to the Party.
**There may be a way to stop this???
===Old TDK & SDE===
*These are reruns of the Previous Event's TDK & SDE fights.
*Information on those fights can be found [[FIGHTING_GO!_Dragon_Pokers#Strategy|here]].
===Recommended Cards===
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