===Waves 1 & 2===
*Various Event Cards will appear in pairs on the first two Waves.
*Simply defeat just one of them and the other will Buff/Heal you and run off.
*Armageddon's Preemptive Attack will break Shields, inflict Debuffs, and may Blind the Party! (Can be avoid with Evasion Shields.)
*On her first turn, Armageddon will attack the Party, inflict Debuffs and possibly inflicting Blindness.
**If that weren't bad enough, she'll then apply Damage UP to the Party and Steal +1 of all your Stats. She'll then Buff and prepare for her Release attack.
*Armageddon will prepare for her Release attack by Buffing +10 to all Stats as well as applying an Evasion Shield!
**On God difficulty and higher, this Evasion Shield lasts for a full Turn, so you'll need to somehow remove the Shield or use Cards whose attacks are guaranteed to hit.
**The Release attack itself can't be canceled, but it doesn't deal a ton of damage and you can Shield yourself from the attack. (Evasion Shields allow you to completely Evade it.)
*Putting Armageddon to Sleep simply seems to reduce the effectiveness of some of her attacks (mostly she doesn't try to Status you).
**That said, Sleep cards aren't totally required, but they can help you score big damage if they have Deep Sleep.
*Effective Shields
**Evasion Shields work pretty well for the most part; You can evade the Preemptive Attack and the Release Attack. Doesn't work out too much against her normal attacks, but they don't hit particularly hard.
**Status Reflect/Immunity: They can help bounce back/prevent some of the Debuffs flying around. If you manage to have some with added Damage Reduction, that helps as well.
===Recommended Cards===
*Claw Cards
*Sleep Cards
*Evasion Shields or Status Reflect/Immunity
==Event Cards==
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