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Ninja World Battlers - Ao

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{{Semantic Card
|Name(en)=Ninja World Battlers - Ao
|Exclusive to=Limited Time/Event
|Image=Ninja World Battlers - AoSSP.png
|Skill Type=Claw
|Base Rarity=SS+
|Max Rarity=GOD
|Types(en)=Girl, Ninja
|Types(ja)=女の子, 忍者
|Main Skill(en)=Ninja Art - High Speed Shuffle
|Main Skill Description(en)=4x Wood-imbued Claw attack with chance to inflict Deep Sleep (When you target a single foe, attacks ignore Shields but no longer inflict Deep Sleep; Also if target has an active Shield effect, Skill Power increases)
|Sub Skill(en)=Summoniing - Outbust
|Sub Skill Description(en)=When Main Card has Claw Skill, grants 36% Skill Boost (When target is Asleep, grants 36-45% Skill Boost instead)
|Awoken Level=120
|S.Awoken Level=120

==Main Skill==
*The extra Skill Boost only applies if you Single-Target a foe and they have a Shield.

==Sub Skill==

==Recommended Subcards==

The Immortal Ninja & Yukibana team up! Ao can refer to Blue/Green.

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