**Status Reflect or Immunity work pretty well to help keep the Sustained Debuff effect at bay.
**That said, the Boss will sometimes break Shields, so be aware.
===Super Dragon Emperor===
*Surprisingly, there's not many changes for this fight.
*The Preemptive Attack now breaks Shields and inflicts -5 to all Stats.
*Beyond that, it's mostly the same fight, but harder.
===Old TDK/SDE (Ragnarok - Endgame)===
*These are reruns of the previous run of this Event.
*Check [[Ragnarok_-_Endgame#Boss_Fight|here]] for more info.
*For the most part, you can use your same Deck for these fights (except SDE which requires more Damage UP).
===Old TDK/SDE (Steel Dragon of Nibelung)===
*These are reruns of the previous fights from Steel Dragon of Nibelung.
*Check [[Steel_Dragon_of_Nibelung#Strategy|here]] for more info.
*Keep in mind you'll need an entirely different Deck for these fights.
===Recommended Cards===
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