Other types of Boosts may occur throughout the day -- these are typically announced on the Dragon Poker [https://twitter.com/DragonPoker_aso Twitter] or the in-game Announcements.
==Guerrilla Dungeons and Effects==Rarely, special Guerrilla Dungeons may appear for a limited time (usually an hour), allowing you to run a dungeon that may not normally be available at the current time. There are also special Guerrilla Effects that can be applied to Dungeons when they're active, such as 2x EXP, 3x Gold, 2x EXP & Gold, increased Cardify rate, etc.
Guerrilla Boosts are generally random and may appear when you enter a Dungeon, however, there are set times where they are always active.
Keep an eye on the Dragon Poker Twitter or the in-game notices for more details.
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Guerrilla Dungeons and Effects

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