*If you clear a specific Normal Dungeon a number of times (typically every 10 clears), you can get additional rewards in your Gift Box.
*All enemies that appear CAN be Cardified; even the Bosses! However, the Bosses will be a bit more difficult to capture. Especially so once you progress past ★20.
*Normal Dungeons from ★30 onwards may rarely drop [[Orb System|Orbs]] when you complete them.
*The ★40 Normal Dungeon Bosses are VERY difficult compared to the previous tiers (about on par with doing a 114/132 STP Special Dungeon Boss); they can hit incredibly hard and easily wipe out the unprepared!
However, keep in mind the difficulty for Special Event Dungeons is not entirely nowhere relative to the difficulty of Normal Dungeons. <br>(Typically for the Event Dungeons, they are much significantly harder compared to the difficulty Normal Dungeon Difficulty required to unlock them. Particularly for God difficulty onwards.)
*For the majority of Event Dungeons, when you clear a Dungeon, you'll earn Points. The higher the difficulty you clear, the more Points you'll earn (as well as more EXP & Gold when defeating enemies). These can be typically used to get special Event Cards and roll for Fodder Material that can be used to power up your Cards.
*The Max Amount of Points you can have at any one time is 99,999,999. You typically have until the following week after the Event ends to spend your Points. Otherwise, any leftover Points after that period will disappear. *Many Event Dungeons also have Special Cards that may drop at the end of the Dungeon (typically Sub Cards). Typically, the higher the difficulty you clear, the greater the chance for these Cards to drop.*Not every Event Dungeon is the same; some are much easier to deal with than others often due to Boss Mechanicsor overall difficulty.*Like Normal Dungeons, Event Dungeons also have Treasure Rewards. However, they are not guaranteed to dropwhen you clear the Dungeon. (TDK & SDE Treasures are a near-guaranteed drop however.)**However, if you have truly bad luck, the Treasure is guaranteed to drop after clearing a Difficulty 10 times.
*The first two difficulties are relatively Easy to beat. You shouldn't have much trouble beating them at all whatsoever.
*From Demon difficulty, it gets a bit harder as the enemies start to gain more Attack and HP. You'll need to start having a well-rounded Deck.
Challenge Dungeons have the following restrictions:
*Each entry costs 1/6th of your max Stamina(rounded down).*SP Boost is not allowed. (If active, it is disabledupon entering the Dungeon.)
*There is only one round instead of the normal three so be prepared to face off against the Boss immediately!
*Similar to the [[Tower Dungeon]], you can join or create Rooms before you go into the Dungeon. This can be useful to try and recruit help.
===Raid Dungeons===
[[:Category:Dungeons#Raid_Dungeons|Raid Dungeons]] are unique Dungeons where you compete with other Players to get a high Ranking and earn valuable Rewards! <br>
Raid Dungeons occur pretty very rarely and often offer Cards and Rewards unavailable elsewhere.
===Super EXP Dungeon===
Other types of Boosts may occur throughout the day -- these are typically announced on the Dragon Poker [https://twitter.com/DragonPoker_aso Twitter] or the in-game Announcements.
==Guerrilla Dungeons and Effects==Rarely, special Guerrilla Dungeons may appear for a limited time (usually an hour), allowing you to run a dungeon that may not normally be available at the current time. There are also special Guerrilla Effects that can be applied to Dungeons when they're active, such as 2x EXP, 3x Gold, 2x EXP & Gold, increased Cardify rate, etc.
Guerrilla Boosts are generally random and may appear when you enter a Dungeon, however, there are set times where they are always active.
Keep an eye on the Dragon Poker Twitter or the in-game notices for more details.
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