*Awk.[[Lapis Lazuli]]: Probably the easiest Card of the bunch to get a hold of, but you have to Awaken her to even get this benefit. You'll also need to be at 85% HP or higher for the Status Clear to work. Decent/Good for any Heal Card.
*S.Awk [[Phoenix]]: If you managed to nab a Phoenix, then he's an amazing Sub for any Heal Card that needs Status Clearing! However, you need to Awaken him twice(!) to even get this Sub, so there is some work involved.
*[[School_Mysteries_Continued#Special_Sub_Cards|Teacher's Cross Necklace]]: A highly useful Sub that grants a decent Skill Boost and clears Status Effects! Sadly, it's Event-Limited.
===Modifying Enhance Priority===
*[[Pharaoh]]: Grants a nice 20% Status Avoidance when Subbed on A. As mentioned before, this comes at the cost of taking more damage. (After Awakening, he also becomes a decent 2-in-1 Status Avoidance + Damage Reduction Sub with an added Skill Boost) Like Batista, you can nab him from the [[Medal Shop]].
*[[Snow White]]: An example of a useful Awakening Skill; Snow White grants a huge 50% Status Avoidance whenever she's in the played hand!
===Additional Effects===
These are Subs that have rather unique Additional effects not really seen elsewhere and can prove useful. Unfortunately, many of these are Event-Limited.
*[[Sheriff Deckers]]: While seemingly innocuous at first glance, the Sheriff is a very powerful Sub for any Non-Girl Support Card in that she gives a 20-30% Skill Boost and Heals 30% HP to the lowest HP ally. However...the HP effect can actually be spread if used on a Card with AoE properties (say like most Buff/Shield cards); In this way, you can basically add a flat 30% HP Heal to the Party!
*[[Stargazer#Special_Sub_Cards|Star Quartz]]: A very useful Sub that gives a decent Skill and +1 to all Stats! Very useful for trying to Buff the Party as well as boost your Main Card. This type of Sub has popped up 2-3 times in various other forms, though it is relatively rare. [[Isis]] provides a similar effect but for Heal Cards only.
*[[Okuni]]: A highly useful Sub that grants a 25-30% Skill Boost to any Buff Card. However, when a target has +5 AGI, they get a 1-tick Evasion Shield! This works very well when you need to apply Evasion Shields on demand, as Okuni herself sometimes doesn't work so well on many bosses. This obviously works well on Buff Cards that can increase your AGI like [[Spica]] or [[Liar (Bunny)]]. Luckily, you can nab an Okuni out of one of the [[Item Shop]] packs.
*[[Hibiscus]]: While often overlooked as a Sub, Hibiscus is pretty useful for Red Attackers. She grants 30-40% Skill Boost but if your Stat Total is -3 or less, your Debuffs get wiped! This can be very handy against Debuff-heavy bosses.
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