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Ms. Rosalia

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{{Semantic Card
|Name(en)=Ms. Rosalia
|Image=Ms. RosaliaSSP.png
|Skill Type=Water
|Base Rarity=SS+
|Max Rarity=GOD
|Types(en)=Girl, Demon
|Types(ja)=女の子, 悪魔
|Main Skill Description(en)=4x Strong Water attack with chance to inflict Deep Sleep (If there is at least one target Asleep, Lifesteals damage inflicted and Heals the Party accordingly)
|Sub Skill Description(en)=When Main Card has Water Skill, grants 35-40% Skill Boost (If your HP is at 100%, grants 35-44% Skill Boost and +5% Accuracy instead)
|Awoken Level=120
|S.Awoken Level=120

==Main Skill==

==Sub Skill==

==Recommended Subcards==

[[Rosalia]] in human form?

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