*Every few turns, Shahryar will Charge up for a Release attack and Buff himself +10 to all Stats.
**Evasion Shields can Evade this attack! It can't hurt to have a card or two with these. (Especially to replace Damage UP)
===Super Dragon Emperor===
*As usual, the SDE fight has different mechanics in place and is considerably harder than previous difficulties.
*King Shahryar has greatly increased HP. On top of that, you have a 7 Turn limit to defeat him.
*Every turn that's not his Release attack, Shahryar will attack the Party for 99% Max HP damage and break Shields. He'll also throw out Debuffs and random Status Effects as well.
**You'll want Strong Healing cards that can fully Heal the Party since staying at Full HP is a must!
*Damage UP Counter: If you inflict Damage UP on Shahryar, he'll counter by INSTANTLY KILLING the Party.
**In case you didn't get the message on God+ difficulties, DO NOT BRING DAMAGE UP CARDS!!!
*Shahryar's Release attack will now deal 100% HP damage (making it an insta-kill attack)
**The only way to cancel this attack is to get all of his Stats to -5!
===Old TDK===
*A rerurn of the fight from [[One Thousand and One Nights]].
*Either King Shahryar or Shah Zaman will appear as the Boss.
*If you attack King Shahryar with 8+ attacks involving Enhance cards, he'll counter by applying Damage UP and random Status Effects.
*Shah Zaman loves to break your Shields and greatly Buff himself.
===Old SDE===
*King Shahryar and Shah Zaman appear together for the Boss Wave.
**Unlike previous difficulties, you now have to fight both Bosses at the same time!
**Their Preemptive Attack will inflict 99% HP damage and heavily Debuff the Party!
**The Bosses are very Debuff-heavy, so cards that can Reverse Debuffs are pretty much required (Queen Lady, Makura-gaeshi, etc.)
**Unlike previous difficulties, the Bosses won't counterattack if you inflict Damage UP. (Use it to your advantage...you'll need it!)
**Try to focus down one of the Bosses first to make things a bit easier.
===Recommended Cards===
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