{{Semantic Card
|Name(en)=Bruto, The Emperor of the Night, Bruto
|Base Rarity=SS
|Max Rarity=GOD
|Types(en)=NoneUndead, Halloween|Types(ja)=なしアンデット, ハロウィン
|Orb Socket=2
|Main Skill(en)=Bloodsuck Gently
|Main Skill Description(en)=2x Bite attack, Lifesteal a large amount of HP Lifesteals damage inflicted (small Small chance for ATK/DEF/AGI increase)
|Main Skill(ja)=吸血ジェントリー
|Main Skill Description(ja)=敵に咬属性ダメージを2回与え、HPを多めに吸収する(稀に攻撃・防御・素早さUP)
|Sub Skill(en)=Ruler of Darkness
|Sub Skill Description(en)=When under Darknessyou are Blinded, boosts main card's damage by grants 35%Damage Boost
|Sub Skill(ja)=闇の支配者
|Sub Skill Description(ja)=プレイヤーが暗闇状態のとき、親分の与ダメージ35%UP
|Awoken Orb Socket=4
|Awoken Main Skill(en)=Bloodsucking Elegance
|Awoken Main Skill Description(en)=3x Bite attack, Lifesteal Lifesteals 65% of damage inflicted (Chance for ATK/DEF/AGI increase)
|Awoken Main Skill(ja)=吸血エレガンス
|Awoken Main Skill Description(ja)=敵に咬属性ダメージを3回与え、与ダメージの65%を吸収する(吸収時に確率で攻撃力・防御力・素早さUP)
|Awoken Skill(ja)=トリック・オア・トリート!
|Awoken Skill Description(ja)=スキル発動時、役カードの枚数×3でスキル威力UP
==Recommended Subcards==
Bruto is depicted as the modern rendition of a Vampire. As his evolutions seem to show, he's quite the ladykiller.
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