|Base Rarity=SS
|Max Rarity=GOD
|Types(en)=Girl, Halloween|Types(ja)=女の子, ハロウィン
|Orb Socket=2
|Main Skill(en)=Chain of Binding
|Main Skill Description(en)=1x Non-element elemental attack with a chance to lower defense, the target's DEF and apply inflict Seal (hits all targets Becomes AoE on Straight+)
|Main Skill(ja)=束縛チェーン
|Main Skill Description(ja)=敵に無属性ダメージを与え、確率で防御力減少し、封印状態にする(ストレート以上で全体化)
|Sub Skill(en)=The Bound One
|Sub Skill Description(en)=When player is you are Sealed, boosts main card's damage by grants 35%Damage Boost
|Sub Skill(ja)=束縛されし者
|Sub Skill Description(ja)=プレイヤーが封印状態のとき、親分の与ダメージ35%UP
|Awoken Orb Socket=4
|Awoken Main Skill(en)=Restraint Chain
|Awoken Main Skill Description(en)=1x AoE nonNon-elemental Elemental attack with a chance to lower targets' DEF and inflict Seal
|Awoken Main Skill(ja)=拘束チェーン
|Awoken Main Skill Description(ja)=敵全体に無属性ダメージを与え、確率で防御力減少・封印状態にする
|Awoken Sub Skill Description(ja)=親分の与ダメージ20%UP(プレイヤーか対象が封印状態のとき、与ダメージ40%UP)
|Awoken Skill(en)=Trick-or-Treat!
|Awoken Skill Description(en)=Upon Skill Activation, grants Skill Boost determined by the number of cards in the played hand x 3.
|Awoken Skill(ja)=トリック・オア・トリート!
|Awoken Skill Description(ja)=スキル発動時、役カードの枚数×3でスキル威力UP
==Recommended Subcards==
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