Current Game Version: [[Patch Notes|3.01.72]]
== News ==
*'''Version 3.01.8 2 Update'''**Version 3.01.8 2 has been released! Be sure to check the [[Patch Notes]] for updates.
*'''Dragon Poker's Half-AnniversarySuper Comeback & Thank You Campaign''' (101/5 1 - 111/931)**If you haven't logged into Dragon Poker is celebrating its Half-Anniversary! Celebrate with all sorts of goodies and campaigns going on!***Extended SP Boosts! (4 Hours during the Weekdays; 12 Hours during Weekends)***Daily Guerrilla Boosts! (See in-game info for more details on times.)***Daily Free 11-Roll: Get a Free 11-Roll while, you are eligible to earn up to 1428 Dragon Stones (based on the Rare Gacha every day until 10when/15! (If how many days you do it all 10 days, that's 110 Rolls!ve logged in)***8x PP Earned from draining the PP Gauge!New Users who start during this period will earn 1428 Dragon Stones.***2x EXP received from Training!Everyone else who isn't eligible for this will instead get 1 SS Gacha Ticket when they log in during the campaign period.
*'''Limited Wrestler & Baseball CardsFuture Awakenings''' (9/25 - 11/30)**The various Limited Wrestler & Baseball Cards As decided by a [[https://twitter.com/DragonPoker_aso/status/1347385032768253952 lottery]], Cassiel, Clover, and Damiel are now in line for Awakenings later on in the Rare Gacha until 11/30!near future.
*'''"The Strongest" Questionnaire Results'''**The Results are in! [[Falco]] is #1 in the Results! Expect a future Awakening for him down the line. *'''Halloween Town Returns!'''**[[Club_Bad_Girls#Halloween_Town|Halloween Town]] returns to replace CBG during the Weekends in October. Try your luck at capturing exclusive Halloween Cards and Devil Fairies! *'''Halloween Daily Free 11-Rolls''' (10/22 - 11/9)**The Free 11-Rolls return featuring Halloween cards! You have a 50% Chance upon rolling an SS Card to receive one of the Halloween cards.**You get one free 11-Roll per day.  *'''Half-Anniversary New Year Login Campaign''' (101/5 1 - 111/931)
**Earn 1 Dragon Stone every day and a nice reward every 5 days!
{| class="wikitable"
| align="center" style="background:#f0f0f0;"|'''Reward'''
| 5|| 2 Dragon Stones, SS Ring Set x3Gacha Ticket
| 10|| 2 5 Dragon Stones, 500 Dragon MedalsSS Ring Set
| 15|| 10 5 Dragon Stones, Goddess Fairy Set
| 20|| 5 Dragon Stones, SS Gacha Ticket (U28)
| 25|| SS Gacha Ticket
<!--=======================================GACHA TEMPLATES==================================================-->
{{KailTest01|FIGHTING GO! Dragon Poker Koshien - Rebellious CamelotPokers NEO|October 12 January 18 - October 26February 1|| ||Ultra Beasts Black Witch Awakening|October 5 January 11 - October 19January 25|||}}
<!--{{KailTest01|Emerald City of Oz|July 8 - July 22|| ||Marvelous Land of Oz|July 8 - July 22|||}}-->
<!--{{CurrentEventDungeon|Constellation Convoy Zodiac 2HALLOWEEN Trick or Destroy!|August 31 October 22 - September 14November 9}}-->
<!-- comment/uncomment using this angle bracket syntax from now on -->
{{WeekendGacha|October 16 January 22 - October 23January 25|GaiaHono-ikazuchi|Tsuchi-ikazuchi|Kaoruko|Demon King Hidden|Billy the Kid|Crowne & Acrobatic TroupeAngel Face|KinmamonKosachi|ChunPurple Angel Man|Jack Nyanturn KingIron Monkey}}<!--{{WeekendGacha|January 15 - January 18|Arc Angels|Devil Eyes Black Demon|Willy|Ms. Rosalia|Dragon Sisters|SeimeiAngel Face|Alice's Chess KnightsElven Archer|Bruto & FriendsCreation Alchemists|MomokoHimiko}}--> <!--{{SelectionGacha|September January 8 - January 11 - September 14|CrowHestia|MammonRan|MeilingKonohana No Sakuya|ArgonautRosemary|KamomeIncubus|HeltaresYuki-onna|ScarecrowBeowulf|Ns-L'yiSnow White|ZharZashiki}}-->
<!--{{WeekdayGacha|August 5 December 18 - August 9December 21|[[File:Stab.png]]Eldritch}}--><!--{{GDRMaxGacha|August December 31 - September 7January 4|VegaAlcor}}--><!--{{SuperMaxGacha|September 18 January 22 - September 21January 25|Queen in RedDark Diana}}-->
<!--{{CBG|MaryLittle Red Riding Hood|CharlotteNikita}}-->
<!--{{CBG2|Mary|Athena|Nadja|Cat Sith}}-->
<!--{{Star Romance|Belial|Ranmaru}}-->
== New/Relevant Cards ==
{{ShowCardImage|Lancelot (Baseball)Seven Sisters}}{{ShowCardImage|Arthur (Baseball)Ninja World Battlers - Ao}}{{ShowCardImage|Uranus (Baseball)Armageddon}}{{ShowCardImage|Merlin (Manager)Waka-ikazuchi}}{{ShowCardImage|Quick DrawSaku-ikazuchi}}{{ShowCardImage|Melissa Lady Rokujo (WrestlerNew Year)}}{{ShowCardImage|Medjed (Wrestler)Beowulf}}{{ShowCardImage|Lady of Black FlamesElven Healer}}{{ShowCardImage|Cthulhu}}{{ShowCardImage|Erik & MarshFather Dagon}}{{ShowCardImage|Queen in RedDreaming Cthulhu}}{{ShowCardImage|Prince of EvilBoundless Azathoth}}
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