***2x EXP received from Training!
*'''"The Strongest" QuestionnaireLimited Wrestler & Baseball Cards''' (Until 109/25 - 11/1230)**Vote for one of The various Limited Wrestler & Baseball Cards are now in the five cards you think is the strongest and should receive an AwakeningRare Gacha until 11/30!  **You get 1 Dragon Stone for voting and you can only vote once per day.'''"The Strongest" Questionnaire Results'''**In addition, you'll receive extra Voting points for your vote The Results are in! [[Falco]] is #1 in the Results! Expect a future Awakening for leaving a comment as well as amassing a lot of Cumulative Points from him down the Dungeonline.
*'''Halloween Town Returns!'''
**[[Club_Bad_Girls#Halloween_Town|Halloween Town]] returns to replace CBG during the Weekends in October. Try your luck at capturing exclusive Halloween Cards and Devil Fairies!
*'''Limited Wrestler & Baseball Cards''' (9/25 - 11/30)
**The various Limited Wrestler & Baseball Cards are now in the Rare Gacha until 11/30!
*'''Halloween MAX Gacha''' (10/1 - 10/21)
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