Only obtainable from GDR MAX Gachas.
You can only possess one copy of Vega in your deck at a time.<br>
Dupes are used to evolve Vega and increase her Skill Lv. (Stats do not increase.)
*Attacks have a 100% Chance to wipe the target's Buffs.
Another of the powerful GDR Cards, Vega seemingly comes in as a Green version of Uranos. However, she does have some different gimmicks as her attacks get stronger as the target has more HP and she has a 100% chance to wipe a target's Buffs. This makes her a very effective Card when dealing with foes who love to Buff and Shield themselves.
As mentioned above, evolving Vega is the only way to increase her Skill Lv. But that said, even just having one Copy of Vega is honestly good enough. The base version is well and above most Green Slash cards and evolving her only serves to just bump up her Main and Sub Skills a bit. (So don't feel the need to Whale in order to evolve her.) There's not too many comparisons to Vega as far as other Green Slash cards go; Vermouth had the typical 6x attack on lock for a long time, but has Accuracy issues, and most other Green Slash cards just simply can't do all that Vega does with Buff Wiping and Shield Breaking simultaneously.
==Sub Skill==
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