*You have 6 Turns to defeat the Boss. In addition, the Boss uses nothing but Gravity attacks, so you can forego Damage Reduction Subs.
*The Boss' Preemptive Attack will attack the Party for 99% Max HP damage and break Shields. (Can be Evaded)
*On Turns 1 & 2, you'll need to inflict Sleep (or Deep Sleep ) on the Boss and make it stick. (Don't bother W-Linking since if you attack too many times, you'll break the Sleep effect.)**If successful, the Boss won't attack. Just try to get the Sleep inflicted and don't attack unnecessarily.
**Failure to do this will result in the Boss INSTANTLY KILLING the Party. (Does 100% HP damage + breaks Shields; Guaranteed to hit)
**Just try to get Deep Sleep inflicted and then set up for the next few turns.
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