===Rare Material Gacha===
Like the Normal Gacha, the Material Gacha can be rolled with PP you accumulate. However, it is 10x more expensive than the Normal Gacha to roll (1000 PP per single roll, 10,000 PP for a 10-roll). However, the Material Gacha consists only of "material" cards; Gem Marrons, Gold Marrons, and Skill Fairies. It can be quite useful for getting materials to power up your Cards or simply to get some extra Gold. Like the Normal Gacha, higher-rarity cards are more difficult to get.
*Materials earned from the Rare Material Gacha will automatically go into your Material Warehouse (if space is applicable). Gold Marrones are the sole exception to this, but those are safe to Sell off.
*During certain Events such as Dragon Poker's Anniversary, you may be able to roll Evolution Rings and/or Awakening Materals from the Material Gacha. As with the other mats, higher rarity Materials have a rarer chance to appear.
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Rare Material Gacha

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