Current Game Version: [[Patch Notes|3.01.52]]
== News ==
*'''Version 3.01.5 2 Update'''**Version 3.01.5 2 has been released! Be sure to check the [[Patch Notes]] for updates.
*'''Dragon Poker's 7th AnniversarySuper Comeback & Thank You Campaign''' (51/11 1 - 61/831)**ItIf you haven's that time of year again...t logged into Dragon Poker is celebrating its [[7th Anniversary Event]]!in a while, you are eligible to earn up to 1428 Dragon Stones (based on when/how many days you've logged in)**That means LOTS of Events and other stuff New Users who start during this period will be going on!earn 1428 Dragon Stones.**In addition, all Anniversary Limited Cards Everyone else who isn't eligible for this will be available from the Rare Gacha and instead get 1 SS Gacha Tickets until 6/30!Ticket when they log in during the campaign period.
*'''4k RT SS SelectionFuture Awakenings''' (5/15 - 5/31)**You can choose As decided by a single SS Card of your choice[[https://twitter. That saidcom/DragonPoker_aso/status/1347385032768253952 lottery]], choose carefully!!!**You have a HUGE selection of Cards to choose from. (Far too many to list here.)**There Cassiel, Clover, and Damiel are some exceptions to what you can pick however. The following Cards will not appear:***35 Cost or higher***GDR Cards***DRA Cards***Limited Cards (Seasonal, etcin line for Awakenings later on in the near future.)
*'''7th Anniversary New Year Login Campaign''' (51/11 1 - 61/831)
**Earn 1 Dragon Stone every day and a nice reward every 5 days!
{| class="wikitable"
| align="center" style="background:#f0f0f0;"|'''Reward'''
| 5|| SS Ring Set x3Gacha Ticket
| 10|| 777 5 Dragon MedalsStones, SS Ring Set
| 15|| SS Gacha Ticket (U28)5 Dragon Stones, Goddess Fairy Set
| 20|| 5 Dragon Stones, SS Gacha Ticket (U28)|-| 25|| SS Gacha Ticket
<!--=======================================GACHA TEMPLATES==================================================-->
{{KailTest01|Four and the Seven DragonsFIGHTING GO! Dragon Pokers NEO|May 25 January 18 - June 8February 1|| ||Roar of Black Witch Awakening|May 18 January 11 - June 1January 25|||}}
<!--{{KailTest01|Emerald City of Oz|July 8 - July 22|| ||Marvelous Land of Oz|July 8 - July 22|||}}-->
<!--{{CurrentEventDungeon|Dorapo Gig 2020HALLOWEEN Trick or Destroy!|May 11 October 22 - May 25November 9}}-->
<!-- comment/uncomment using this angle bracket syntax from now on -->
{{WeekendGacha|May 29 January 22 - May 31January 25|Uther PendragonHono-ikazuchi|WillyTsuchi-ikazuchi|LailaKaoruko|ErosDemon King Hidden|OwadatsumiBilly the Kid|Pied Piper of HamelinAngel Face|Senjuu (Lotus King)Kosachi|Robin HoodPurple Angel Man|NidhoggIron Monkey}}<!--{{WeekendGacha|May 31 January 15 - June 5January 18|KibitsuhikoArc Angels|Tomoe GozenDevil Eyes Black Demon|SheaWilly|Irene AdlerMs. Rosalia|ChunDragon Sisters|Underworld GirlsAngel Face|Jack the RipperElven Archer|KuroyurihimeCreation Alchemists|MiyazuhimeHimiko}}-->
<!--{{SelectionGacha|May 22 January 8 - May 25January 11|MammonHestia|SatanRan|FourKonohana No Sakuya|LeviathanRosemary|LuciferIncubus|AzzurroYuki-onna|BeelzebubBeowulf|BelphegorSnow White|WaldZashiki}}-->
<!--{{WeekdayGacha|August 5 December 18 - August 9December 21|[[File:Stab.png]]Eldritch}}--><!--{{GDRMaxGacha|April 30 December 31 - May 8January 4|LunaAlcor}}--><!--{{SuperMaxGacha|April 17 January 22 - April 20January 25|Dark DryadDiana}}-->
<!--{{CBG|RougeLittle Red Riding Hood|MelissaNikita}}-->
<!--{{CBG2|Mary|Athena|Nadja|Cat Sith}}-->
<!--{{Star Romance|AriesBelial|Laguna}}--><!--=====================================COLLAB/SELECTION/ETC TEMPLATES======================================================--><!--{{SelectionGacha|March 4 - March 8|Orochi|Kagura|Okuni|Asohime|Mitama|Kotone|Sirona & Chloe (Shaman)|Ame no Uzume|Sally}}--><!--{{CardSelection|All Users - Runs until February 28, 23:59 JST|Verdandi|Meiling|Mary|Urd|Artemis|Colt|Skuld|Ame no Uzume|Namahage}}--><!--{{HolidayGacha|X'mas MAX Gacha (December 1 - December 31)|Runs until 12/31/2017, 23:59 JST|Cracker Doll|Poddy|Kumaffy|Santa|Priscilla|Merry|Little Match Girl|Devilunlun|Mister Santa|Jumelles (Christmas)|Latio (Christmas)|Dryad (Christmas)|Sherry (Christmas)|Torte (Christmas)|Mahiru (Christmas)|Diana (Christmas)|Medjed (Christmas)}}--><!--{{CollabGacha3|Berserk Collab Gacha|Runs until 11/6/2016, 11:59 JST|Guts|Griffith|Skull Knight|Casca|Farnese}} --> <!--{{CardSelection|All Users - Runs until February 28, 23:59 JST|Nana|Oboro-guruma|Antares|Artemis|Medjed|Cancer|Rouge|Namahage|Capricorn}}--><!--{{HolidayGacha|Halloween MAX Gacha (October 1 - October 31)|Runs until 10/31/2017, 23:59 JST|Bruto|Mami|Wuru|Crowne|Werewolf|Franken|Nana (Halloween)|Leviathan (Halloween)|Belphegor (Halloween)|Little Red Riding Hood (Halloween)|Gambler (Halloween)|Vermouth (Halloween)|Okuni (Halloween)}}--> <!--{{CollabGacha3|Merc Storia Collab Gacha|Runs until 12/4/2017, 13:59 JST|Gerald|Fuu|Harushuto|Orko|Michelia|Seram|Sierra|Ainrare|Helmetres}}--><!--{{CardSelection|All Users - Runs until August 31, 23:59 JST|Antares|Oboro-guruma|Gawain|Pisces|Yuki-onna|Kay|Capricorn|Namahage|Tristan|Pisces|Cancer|Antares}}--> <!--{{AwkMaxGacha|November 10 - November 13|{{ShowCardImage|Nana}} {{ShowCardImage|Heltares}} }} [[file:Debuff.png]]--><!--{{CollabGacha3|BIOHAZARD Collab Gacha|Runs until 8/28/2017|Elizabeth & Hawk|Ban|Meliodas|Gilthunder|Diane|King|Gowther|Merlin)}}--> <!--{{CurrentEventDungeon|Sweets Land|January 30 - February 13|Buff|Heal|Bite}}--><!--{{CurrentEventDungeon|Genies Awakening|February 6 - February 20|Awakening CrystalR3card|Awakening CrystalB3card|Awakening CrystalG3cardRanmaru}}-->
== New/Relevant Cards ==
{{ShowCardImage|The DragoonsSeven Sisters}}{{ShowCardImage|The Seven Sins (A)Ninja World Battlers - Ao}}{{ShowCardImage|The Seven Sins (B)Armageddon}}{{ShowCardImage|Legendary OutlawsWaka-ikazuchi}}{{ShowCardImage|AmabieSaku-ikazuchi}}{{ShowCardImage|Fata & LefaLady Rokujo (New Year)}}{{ShowCardImage|Chaotic FourBeowulf}}{{ShowCardImage|COC Old RulersElven Healer}}{{ShowCardImage|FourCthulhu}}{{ShowCardImage|King Merlin & ArthurFather Dagon}}{{ShowCardImage|Kuzunoha & SeimeiDreaming Cthulhu}}{{ShowCardImage|Kuzunoha & Seimei (Adult)Boundless Azathoth}}
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