Current Game Version: [[Patch Notes|3.01.52]]
== News ==
*'''Version 3.01.5 2 Update'''**Version 3.01.5 2 has been released! Be sure to check the [[Patch Notes]] for updates.
*'''Dragon Poker's 7th AnniversarySuper Comeback & Thank You Campaign''' (51/11 1 - 61/831)**ItIf you haven's that time of year again...t logged into Dragon Poker is celebrating its [[7th Anniversary Event]]!in a while, you are eligible to earn up to 1428 Dragon Stones (based on when/how many days you've logged in)**That means LOTS of Events and other stuff New Users who start during this period will be going on!earn 1428 Dragon Stones.**In addition, all Anniversary Limited Cards Everyone else who isn't eligible for this will be available from the Rare Gacha and instead get 1 SS Gacha Tickets until 6/30!Ticket when they log in during the campaign period.
*'''Free Daily 11-RollFuture Awakenings''' (5/17 - 5/27)**For 10 Days, everyone gets As decided by a free 11-Roll daily to roll Cards! (Meaning if you do all 10 days[[https://twitter.com/DragonPoker_aso/status/1347385032768253952 lottery]], that's 110 Rolls!)**There is a Selected Rate UP on specific Cards (not really specified).**The only real restrictions are that you can't roll GDRCassiel, Super MAX GachaClover, and Limited Cards that aren't available during this time (essentially just like how Damiel are in line for Awakenings later on in the Rare Gacha normally operate)near future.
*'''4k RT SS Selection''' (5/15 - 5/31)**You can choose a single SS Card of your choice. That said, choose carefully!!!**You have a HUGE selection of Cards to choose from. (Far too many to list here.)**There are some exceptions to what you can pick however. The following Cards will not appear:***35 Cost or higher***GDR Cards***DRA Cards***Limited Cards (Seasonal, etc.) *'''7th Anniversary New Year Login Campaign''' (51/11 1 - 61/831)
**Earn 1 Dragon Stone every day and a nice reward every 5 days!
{| class="wikitable"
| align="center" style="background:#f0f0f0;"|'''Reward'''
| 5|| SS Ring Set x3Gacha Ticket
| 10|| 777 5 Dragon MedalsStones, SS Ring Set
| 15|| SS Gacha Ticket (U28)5 Dragon Stones, Goddess Fairy Set
| 20|| 5 Dragon Stones, SS Gacha Ticket (U28)|-| 25|| SS Gacha Ticket
<!--=======================================GACHA TEMPLATES==================================================-->
{{KailTest01|Four and the Seven DragonsFIGHTING GO! Dragon Pokers NEO|May 25 January 18 - June 8February 1|| ||Roar of Black Witch Awakening|May 18 January 11 - June 1January 25|||}}
<!--{{KailTest01|Emerald City of Oz|July 8 - July 22|| ||Marvelous Land of Oz|July 8 - July 22|||}}-->
<!--{{CurrentEventDungeon|Dorapo Gig 2020HALLOWEEN Trick or Destroy!|May 11 October 22 - May 25November 9}}-->
<!-- comment/uncomment using this angle bracket syntax from now on -->
{{WeekendGacha|May January 22 - May January 25|The Dragoons|The Seven Sins A|Aria (Genesis)|Amabie|The Seven Sins B|Kumaso Takeru|Vermouth (Agent)|Legendary Outlaws|Iron Monkey}}<!Hono--{{WeekendGachaikazuchi|May 8 Tsuchi- May 11|Ran (Rosalia)|Merlin & Arthur|Sanaeikazuchi|Red Riding Hood (BRH)Kaoruko|Nyarlathotep (Mascot)Demon King Hidden|Billy the Kid|Lino (Nana)Angel Face|Kosachi|Kuzunoha & SeimeiPurple Angel Man|Athena (Zeus)Iron Monkey}}--><!--{{WeekendGacha|May 8 January 15 - May 11January 18|KagutsuchiArc Angels|Girim (Circus)Devil Eyes Black Demon|HibiscusWilly|Medea (Circus)Ms. Rosalia|Genos (Circus)Dragon Sisters|HelAngel Face|Mahiru (Circus)Elven Archer|Wicked Witch (Circus)Creation Alchemists|White QueenHimiko}}-->
<!--{{SelectionGacha|May 22 January 8 - May 25January 11|MammonHestia|SatanRan|FourKonohana No Sakuya|LeviathanRosemary|LuciferIncubus|AzzurroYuki-onna|BeelzebubBeowulf|BelphegorSnow White|WaldZashiki}}-->
<!--{{WeekdayGacha|August 5 December 18 - August 9December 21|[[File:Stab.png]]Eldritch}}--><!--{{GDRMaxGacha|April 30 December 31 - May 8January 4|LunaAlcor}}--><!--{{SuperMaxGacha|April 17 January 22 - April 20January 25|Dark DryadDiana}}-->
<!--{{CBG|RougeLittle Red Riding Hood|MelissaNikita}}-->
<!--{{CBG2|Mary|Athena|Nadja|Cat Sith}}-->
<!--{{Star Romance|AriesBelial|Laguna}}--><!--=====================================COLLAB/SELECTION/ETC TEMPLATES======================================================--><!--{{SelectionGacha|March 4 - March 8|Orochi|Kagura|Okuni|Asohime|Mitama|Kotone|Sirona & Chloe (Shaman)|Ame no Uzume|Sally}}--><!--{{CardSelection|All Users - Runs until February 28, 23:59 JST|Verdandi|Meiling|Mary|Urd|Artemis|Colt|Skuld|Ame no Uzume|Namahage}}--><!--{{HolidayGacha|X'mas MAX Gacha (December 1 - December 31)|Runs until 12/31/2017, 23:59 JST|Cracker Doll|Poddy|Kumaffy|Santa|Priscilla|Merry|Little Match Girl|Devilunlun|Mister Santa|Jumelles (Christmas)|Latio (Christmas)|Dryad (Christmas)|Sherry (Christmas)|Torte (Christmas)|Mahiru (Christmas)|Diana (Christmas)|Medjed (Christmas)}}--><!--{{CollabGacha3|Berserk Collab Gacha|Runs until 11/6/2016, 11:59 JST|Guts|Griffith|Skull Knight|Casca|Farnese}} --> <!--{{CardSelection|All Users - Runs until February 28, 23:59 JST|Nana|Oboro-guruma|Antares|Artemis|Medjed|Cancer|Rouge|Namahage|Capricorn}}--><!--{{HolidayGacha|Halloween MAX Gacha (October 1 - October 31)|Runs until 10/31/2017, 23:59 JST|Bruto|Mami|Wuru|Crowne|Werewolf|Franken|Nana (Halloween)|Leviathan (Halloween)|Belphegor (Halloween)|Little Red Riding Hood (Halloween)|Gambler (Halloween)|Vermouth (Halloween)|Okuni (Halloween)}}--> <!--{{CollabGacha3|Merc Storia Collab Gacha|Runs until 12/4/2017, 13:59 JST|Gerald|Fuu|Harushuto|Orko|Michelia|Seram|Sierra|Ainrare|Helmetres}}--><!--{{CardSelection|All Users - Runs until August 31, 23:59 JST|Antares|Oboro-guruma|Gawain|Pisces|Yuki-onna|Kay|Capricorn|Namahage|Tristan|Pisces|Cancer|Antares}}--> <!--{{AwkMaxGacha|November 10 - November 13|{{ShowCardImage|Nana}} {{ShowCardImage|Heltares}} }} [[file:Debuff.png]]--><!--{{CollabGacha3|BIOHAZARD Collab Gacha|Runs until 8/28/2017|Elizabeth & Hawk|Ban|Meliodas|Gilthunder|Diane|King|Gowther|Merlin)}}--> <!--{{CurrentEventDungeon|Sweets Land|January 30 - February 13|Buff|Heal|Bite}}--><!--{{CurrentEventDungeon|Genies Awakening|February 6 - February 20|Awakening CrystalR3card|Awakening CrystalB3card|Awakening CrystalG3cardRanmaru}}-->
== New/Relevant Cards ==
{{ShowCardImage|King Merlin & ArthurSeven Sisters}}{{ShowCardImage|Kuzunoha & SeimeiNinja World Battlers - Ao}}{{ShowCardImage|Kuzunoha & Seimei (Adult)Armageddon}}{{ShowCardImage|Mrs. HudsonWaka-ikazuchi}}{{ShowCardImage|Irene AdlerSaku-ikazuchi}}{{ShowCardImage|Lady Rokujo (New Year)}}{{ShowCardImage|Sherlock HolmesBeowulf}}{{ShowCardImage|KibitsuhikoElven Healer}}{{ShowCardImage|YamasachihikoCthulhu}}{{ShowCardImage|OwadatsumiFather Dagon}}{{ShowCardImage|Otohime (Everlasting)Dreaming Cthulhu}}{{ShowCardImage|Boundless Azathoth}}
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