**That means LOTS of Events and other stuff will be going on!
**In addition, all Anniversary Limited Cards will be available from the Rare Gacha and SS Gacha Tickets until 6/30!
*'''4k RT SS Selection''' (5/15 - 5/31)
**You can choose a single SS Card of your choice. That said, choose carefully!!!
**You have a HUGE selection of Cards to choose from. (Far too many to list here.)
**There are some exceptions to what you can pick however. The following Cards will not appear:
***35 Cost or higher
***GDR Cards
***DRA Cards
***Limited Cards (Seasonal, etc.)
*'''7th Anniversary Login Campaign''' (5/11 - 6/8)
<!-- comment/uncomment using this angle bracket syntax from now on -->
{{WeekendGacha|May 8 15 - May 1118|ChanticoLaila|Exorcist XIIIChaotic Four|Kijo MomijiKachi-Kachi Yama|Liar (Bunny)Irene Adler|Queen LadyWyatt Earp|Nebula QueenAnne Bonny|NidhoggHimiko|Taro BandFata & Lefa|MiyazuhimeKukurihime}}<!--{{WeekendGacha|May 8 - May 11|Ran (Rosalia)|Merlin & Arthur|Sanae|Red Riding Hood (BRH)|Nyarlathotep (Mascot)|Billy the Kid|Lino (Nana)|Kuzunoha & Seimei|Athena (Zeus)}}--><!--{{WeekendGacha|May 8 - May 11|Kagutsuchi|Girim (Circus)|Hibiscus|Medea (Circus)|Genos (Circus)|Hel|Mahiru (Circus)|Wicked Witch (Circus)|White Queen}}-->
<!--{{SelectionGacha|April 30 - May 8|Ifrina|Four|Captain Santa|Anubis|Lise|Izanami|Gigas|Ceres|Wheel of Fortune}}-->
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