*[[The_Mirror_World_of_Wonderland#Special_Sub_Cards|Demonic Beast's Mirror]]: On Straight+, 20/25/33% Chance to activate Main Card's Skill 2x (SSS Only: When Subbed alongside [[Humpty Dumpty]], increases Chance to 100% and removes the Straight+ requirement)
*[[Cowboy Hat]]: When Main Card is Red, Heals Party for (0/1/2%) HP and (20/25/33%) Chance to activate Main Card's Skill (1x/2x/3x)
*[[Aniolowski]]: When Main Card's Skill Activates, 33% Chance to activate it 3x (When Subbed alongside 2 other Eldritch Cards, adds additional 33% Chance to active Main Card's Skill 2x)
*[[Okuni (Hostess)]]: On Skill Activation, 33% Chance to activate Skill 2x (When Subbed alongside 2 other Green Cards, adds additional 40% Chance to activate Skill 3x instead)
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