Current Game Version: [[Patch Notes|3.01.52]]
== News ==
*'''Version 3.01.5 2 Update'''**Version 3.01.5 2 has been released! Be sure to check the [[Patch Notes]] for updates.
*'''KonoSuba Returns!Super Comeback & Thank You Campaign''' (41/27 1 - 51/1131)**[https:If you haven't logged into Dragon Poker in a while, you are eligible to earn up to 1428 Dragon Stones (based on when//www.asobism.co.jp/social/dragonpoker/konosuba-2/ KonoSuba returns] with another Collab Event!how many days you've logged in)**As usual, there's lots of rewards and goodies to go around! Check the Link for more detailsNew Users who start during this period will earn 1428 Dragon Stones.**On 4/30, Everyone else who isn't eligible for this will instead get 1 SS Gacha Ticket when they log in during the Raid Dungeon [[KonoSuba - Let's Conquer Keele's Dungeon]] returns!campaign period.
*'''Collab SS SelectionFuture Awakenings''' (4/24 - 5/11)**You can choose As decided by a single SS Card of your choice from the following: [[Lumierehttps://twitter.com/DragonPoker_aso/status/1347385032768253952 lottery]], [[Kidomaru]]Cassiel, [[Metatron]]Clover, [[Otohime]], [[Empress]], [[Scarecrow]]**If any of those don't strike your fancy, you also have your choice of Material Sets or an SS Ticket!and Damiel are in line for Awakenings later on in the near future.
*'''20K RT SS Selection''' (4/2 - 4/30)**You can choose a single SS Card of your choice. Choose carefully!!!**That said, you get a HUGE selection of Cards to choose from. (Far too many to list here.)**If you need some suggestions, take a look for some [[6th_Anniversary_Event#Tips_on_What_to_Pick_.28WIP.29|tips on what to pick]].**There are some exceptions to what you can pick however. The following Cards will not appear:***35 Cost or higher***GDR Cards***DRA Cards***Super MAX Gacha Cards***Limited Cards (Seasonal, Collab, etc.) *'''New Life Support Year Login Campaign''' (31/31 1 - 41/2631)
**Earn 1 Dragon Stone every day and a nice reward every 5 days!
{| class="wikitable"
| align="center" style="background:#f0f0f0;"|'''Reward'''
| 5|| 300 Dragon Medals & 100 Rare MedalsSS Gacha Ticket
| 10|| S 5 Dragon Stones, SS Ring Set x5
| 15|| Forehead Jewel5 Dragon Stones, Goddess Fairy Set
| 20|| 5 Dragon Stones, SS Gacha Ticket (U28)
| 25|| SS Gacha Ticket
<!--=======================================GACHA TEMPLATES==================================================-->
{{KailTest01|KonoSuba - Explosion Magic for This Formidable EnemyFIGHTING GO!Dragon Pokers NEO|April 27 January 18 - May 11February 1|| ||Genies Black Witch Awakening|April 20 January 11 - May 4January 25|||}}
<!--{{KailTest01|Emerald City of Oz|July 8 - July 22|| ||Marvelous Land of Oz|July 8 - July 22|||}}-->
<!--{{CurrentEventDungeon|Marvelous Land of OzHALLOWEEN Trick or Destroy!|July 8 October 22 - July 22November 9}}-->
<!-- comment/uncomment using this angle bracket syntax from now on -->
{{WeekendGacha|April 24 January 22 - April 27January 25|SeiyaHono-ikazuchi|Tsuchi-ikazuchi|Kaoruko|LailaDemon King Hidden|Black Riding Hood (Maid)Billy the Kid|Tamamo-no-MaeAngel Face|TsuchinokoKosachi|Uniformed Magical GirlsPurple Angel Man|Iron Monkey|Tensen Nyannyan|Mari}}<!--{{WeekendGacha|February 1 January 15 - February 7January 18|EstelleArc Angels|Xiao (Little)Devil Eyes Black Demon|KaoruWilly|Anne BonnyMs. Rosalia|Wyatt EarpDragon Sisters|Tamamo-no-MaeAngel Face|Iron MonkeyElven Archer|Belle StarrCreation Alchemists|Scorching GamblersHimiko}}-->{{SelectionGacha|April 24 - April 27|Johann|Lovers|Ran|Clare|Mercurius|Aquarius|Ame no Uzume|Demeter|Emeth}}
<!--{{WeekdayGachaSelectionGacha|August 5 January 8 - August 9January 11|[[File:Stab.png]]}}--><!--{{GDRMaxGachaHestia|Ran|Konohana No Sakuya|Rosemary|Incubus|February 28 Yuki- March 6onna|Jupiter}}--><!--{{SuperMaxGachaBeowulf|April 17 - April 20Snow White|Dark DryadZashiki}}-->
<!--{{CBGWeekdayGacha|December 18 - December 21|Eldritch}}--><!--{{GDRMaxGacha|RougeDecember 31 - January 4|DiamondAlcor}}-->{{SuperMaxGacha|January 22 - January 25|Dark Diana}} {{CBG|Little Red Riding Hood|Nikita}}
<!--{{CBG2|Mary|Athena|Nadja|Cat Sith}}-->
{{Star Romance|Aries|Laguna}}<!--=====================================COLLAB/SELECTION/ETC TEMPLATES======================================================--><!--{{SelectionGacha|March 4 - March 8|Orochi|Kagura|Okuni|Asohime|Mitama|Kotone|Sirona & Chloe (Shaman)|Ame no Uzume|Sally}}--><!--{{CardSelection|All Users - Runs until February 28, 23:59 JST|Verdandi|Meiling|Mary|Urd|Artemis|Colt|Skuld|Ame no Uzume|Namahage}}--><!--{{HolidayGacha|X'mas MAX Gacha (December 1 - December 31)|Runs until 12/31/2017, 23:59 JST|Cracker Doll|Poddy|Kumaffy|Santa|Priscilla|Merry|Little Match Girl|Devilunlun|Mister Santa|Jumelles (Christmas)|Latio (Christmas)|Dryad (Christmas)|Sherry (Christmas)|Torte (Christmas)|Mahiru (Christmas)|Diana (Christmas)|Medjed (Christmas)}}--><!--{{CollabGacha3|Berserk Collab Gacha|Runs until 11/6/2016, 11:59 JST|Guts|Griffith|Skull Knight|Casca|Farnese}} --> <!--{{CardSelection|All Users - Runs until February 28, 23:59 JST|Nana|Oboro-guruma|Antares|Artemis|Medjed|Cancer|Rouge|Namahage|Capricorn}}--><!--{{HolidayGacha|Halloween MAX Gacha (October 1 - October 31)|Runs until 10/31/2017, 23:59 JST|Bruto|Mami|Wuru|Crowne|Werewolf|Franken|Nana (Halloween)|Leviathan (Halloween)|Belphegor (Halloween)|Little Red Riding Hood (Halloween)|Gambler (Halloween)|Vermouth (Halloween)|Okuni (Halloween)}}--> <!--{{CollabGacha3|Merc Storia Collab Gacha|Runs until 12/4/2017, 13:59 JST|Gerald|Fuu|Harushuto|Orko|Michelia|Seram|Sierra|Ainrare|Helmetres}}--><!--{{CardSelection|All Users - Runs until August 31, 23:59 JST|Antares|Oboro-guruma|Gawain|Pisces|Yuki-onna|Kay|Capricorn|Namahage|Tristan|Pisces|Cancer|Antares}}--> <!--{{AwkMaxGacha|November 10 - November 13|{{ShowCardImage|Nana}} {{ShowCardImage|Heltares}} }} [[file:Debuff.png]]--><!--{{CollabGacha3|BIOHAZARD Collab Gacha|Runs until 8/28/2017|Elizabeth & Hawk|Ban|Meliodas|Gilthunder|Diane|King|Gowther|Merlin)}}--> <!--{{CurrentEventDungeon|Sweets Land|January 30 - February 13|Buff|Heal|Bite}}--><!--{{CurrentEventDungeon|Genies Awakening|February 6 - February 20|Awakening CrystalR3cardStar Romance|Awakening CrystalB3cardBelial|Awakening CrystalG3cardRanmaru}}-->
== New/Relevant Cards ==
{{ShowCardImage|Mrs. HudsonSeven Sisters}}{{ShowCardImage|Irene AdlerNinja World Battlers - Ao}}{{ShowCardImage|Sherlock HolmesArmageddon}}{{ShowCardImage|KibitsuhikoWaka-ikazuchi}}{{ShowCardImage|YamasachihikoSaku-ikazuchi}}{{ShowCardImage|OwadatsumiLady Rokujo (New Year)}}{{ShowCardImage|Otohime (Everlasting)Beowulf}}{{ShowCardImage|SheaElven Healer}}{{ShowCardImage|Cthulhu}}{{ShowCardImage|Father Dagon}}{{ShowCardImage|ChunDreaming Cthulhu}}{{ShowCardImage|TaurusBoundless Azathoth}}
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