Depending on the situation, some Enhance Cards fare better than others. That said, it helps to know which ones are best to use for what situation to get the best mileage out of them.
* '''Power-Up (威力UP)''' - Best used against single enemies; Power-Up Enhance cards can greatly increase a Card's Skill from more than 23-3x 4x when properly subbed. You'll mostly be using these to deal massive damage against Bosses or to greatly enhance Support Cards.
* '''Multiply (複数化)''' - Typically best used against multiple targets but effective vs single targets; Multiply is pretty useful for launching multiple attacks against either a single foe or several foes. It can also be useful for Support cards to greatly increase the chances of their Skills working or activate several times to magnify their effects. Also effective if you need a certain Status Effect to hit. (The notable difference vs single-targets is that the initial Attack Skill will take a hit in damage, but launch more attacks; depending on the enemy, this could result in less damage dealt as opposed to using a Power-Up Enhancer. However, against foes with no Physical Weakness, Multiply Enhancers work quite well for Elemental Attackers.)
* '''Area-of-Effect (AOE) (全体化)''' - Best used against multiple targets; AoE is highly effective in Colosseum and Duel Match as you'll be facing multiple foes. It's also very useful against Bosses with recurring minions as it allows a Card's Attack to hit all enemies. It can also be quite useful for certain Support cards, though this isn't really optimal.
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Which Enhance Cards Should I Use for What Situation?

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