*Similar to some previous dungeons, the "Boss" changes forms every turn, depicting various story beats.
*Mephisto's Preemptive Attack will attack the Party and may inflict Blindness.
**On higher difficulties, preventing the Release attack is an absolute must or it likely will kill you or the Party!
*That all said, the Boss Fight is a pretty significant challenge on higher difficulties as there's often a lot to deal with all at once.
===True Dragon King===
*Essentially the fight as God/DK, just a bit harder.
===Super Dragon Emperor===
*The Boss Fight for SDE is vastly different from previous Difficulties as you're be facing off against Dark Ran.
*Her Preemptive Attack will greatly Debuff the Party (ignores Shields) and inflict random Status Effects. (She doesn't attack the Party directly.)
*Ran will immediately Charge up and Buff herself +10 to all Stats. She'll also apply a multi-tick Evasion Shield (Overwrite Disabled).
*The gimmick for this fight is surprisingly not to actually attack Ran, but rather inflict Sleep and Debuffs.
**For the 1st Turn, make inflicting Sleep the highest priority since if you don't, she'll INSTANTLY KILL the Party. (Otherwise, she hits the Party for 99% Max HP damage.)
**For the 2nd Turn onwards, you'll need to heavily Debuff her. If successful, Ran won't attack the Party but instead self-inflict Damage to herself. (This damage increases if she's Asleep.)
*That said, you'll want a separate deck for this fight given what's required.
**Strong Heal cards are mandatory; you won't be messing with Buffs for the most part, so throw that out the window. Being able to full HP is a must to stay alive!
**Strong Debuff Cards (preferably ones that can Shield Break) are mandatory as well. Equip the strongest Subs possible on them for maximum effect.
**Sleep Cards will help you progress the fight faster and may keep you alive should you fail to hit the Debuff limit.
**Form Flushes to the get most out of your Hands. (You'll probably want most of your Debuffs/Enhance/Sleep stuff on Red/Blue, and Heals on Green)
**As Dark Ran does nothing but Gravity damage with her attacks, you can dump all your Damage Reduction Subs for this fight!
===Recommended Cards===
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