==Rare Gacha==
The Rare Gacha contains powerful SS/SS+ cards that can be obtained. However, it costs 4 Dragon Stones per individual roll (of a specified element) or 40 Dragon Stones for an 11-roll (goes through all elements). You'll also typically get Fairies or Marrones for each roll, depending on the Gacha present. The standard rates for the Rare Gacha are 20% for an S, and 7% for an SS. However, RNG is not always kind. Generally, there will be specified selections where if you roll an SS, it's guaranteed to be from a select group of cards.
*If you roll the Gacha and get a Gold-colored Stone Tablet with some Light, you've likely got an S-rarity or higher card.
*If you roll the Gacha and get a Gold-colored Stone Tablet and Lightning along with it, this is a good indicator you've managed to get an SS Card!
*However, for Cards with base Rarities of GOD/DRA/SSS, there won't be any special effects; keep an eye out nonetheless.
The Rare Gacha comes in a few varieties:
===Special 9 Selection===
Typically showcased during weekends (or other special occasions), the Special 9 Selection will have a selection of 9 cards (3 per elementElement) that are guaranteed to show up if you happen to roll an SS card. <br>These gachas Gachas tend to follow patterns in what they'll feature; they'll usually have selections for upcoming Special Events, Colosseum, Sub Cards, and special selections for the 1st of the month.
===MAX Gacha===
The MAX Gachas are typically midweek, with a selection of either specific Skills or Types/Races. Generally, they offer a 50% chance on obtaining an SS to have a selected Skill-type or be a certain Type of card (say Demon or God). For Skills, they usually have a good chance to start with increased Skill Lvs, which can be great for beginners. These cards also sometimes come out at Max Level of their base rarity (if their base rarity is SS, not SS+), so it can save newcomers some leveling trouble. In more recent days, rolling the MAX Gacha will award you will [[Rare Medals]].
MAX Gachas can be good to get certain types of Cards, but the downside is that you're potentially rolling for every Card available in the Rare Gacha.
===Collab/Holiday Gacha===
===Selection Gacha===
Added fairly recently, the Selection Gacha allows you to select 3 of 9 featured Cards so you can perform an 11-Roll with a 50% Chance on getting an SS Card to get one of the Cards you selected. If you manage to get one of the Cards you selected, you cannot select it again. You can continue to roll until less than 2 Cards are remaining. This can be a decent way to somewhat control what Cards you want to aim for, but the major drawback is that you're forced to do 11-Rolls in order to get any Cards (and even then, you're not guaranteed to get what you picked).
===Repeat Gachas===
In more recent days, some Gachas may repeat at the end of the Month, allowing you another chance at potentially rare cards (usually happens with Limited Cards). There's also "Collection Gachas" which feature older Cards that haven't been showcased in a while. These are a little more random, as they'll sometimes appear if a Card gets an Awakening or Costume Form.
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Rare Gacha

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