====GDR Card List====
===Super MAX Gacha===
Introduced in 3.0.2, Super MAX Gachas are pretty similar to how the GDR Max Gachas work featring exclusive 40 Cost Cards.
These exclusive 40 Cost Cards can be rolled from the Super MAX Gachas with a 1/7 Chance of them appearing on rolling a SS Card (7%).
*These Super MAX Gachas are 11-Roll only and the Card specified is the only one that can appear.
*Currently, these particular Cards can NOT be rolled through SS Gacha Tickets or other MAX Gachas that do not feature them exclusively.
*Based on the odds, you really only have about a 1% Chance of getting the featured Card.
*Unlike the GDR Cards, the 40 Cost Cards that come out of here can be obtained repeatedly...as long as you have Stones/Money to blow.
====Super MAX Gacha Card List====
{{ShowCardImage|Dark Ifrina}}
===Rare Cards===
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