This can be very useful to utilize when you have cards that you don't want to link with Enhance Cards (like Shield or Sustain Skills for example). Listed below is a list of most of the cards that offer this unique function. Check the cards' pages for more detailed information.
Multiply effects activate Skills at 0.8x Skill Power (0.5x in Colosseum). Power-UP/AoE are listed where known.<br>
*'''Enhance Block'''
Sub Order DOES matter when it comes to these Subs. Place Cards with a higher Chance% in higher Sub Slots for better chances of them going off.
===The Mirror Bug===
Some Cards' Skills are NOT affected by any decreases/increases in Skill Power boosts when combined with Sub Cards like the Mirror or the Ancient Mage. <br>
Supposedly, this bug in particular only affects Cards whose Skills have extra Skill Boost modifiers that are triggered by things such as HP% Condition, Shield Destruction, Status Effects, etc. <br>
Conditions that don't trigger the bug include things such as Enemy Targeting (Aim), X# of Cards in the Played Hand (Colors/Type/Etc.), and Party Total Stat Value. This also includes Random Skill Power and certain Hand Conditions.
== References ==
*[ Dragon Poker English Miniguide]
*[ 無口の会]
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