==Preventing Enhance Link==
As mentioned above, a number of cards can grant an Enhance-like effect when used as Subs. When used in this fashion, the card whose Skill is activated will prevent Enhance Linking.
This can be very useful to utilize when you have cards that you don't want to link with Enhance Cards (like Shield or Sustain Skills for example). Listed below is a list of most of the cards that offer this unique function. Check the cards' pages for more detailed information.  Multiply effects activate Skills at 0.8x Skill Power (0.5x in Colosseum). Power-UP/AoE are listed where known.
*'''Enhance Block'''
**[[Hanako]]: On Skill Activation, 50% chance to Prevent Enhance Linking and 33% chance to activate Skill 2x (When you have at least 1 Friend in the party, grants 10% Skill Boost)
**[[Mikuru (New Year)]]: On Skill Activation, 33% chance to Prevent Enhance Linking; then additionally Heal 5% HP, clear Status Effects and 33% chance to grant +1 to all Stats
**[[Mage Family (Staff)]] + Ac Figure (3rd Anniversary): Prevent Enhance Linking when Subbed. (See [[Mage Family (Staff)]] for details.)
*'''Multiple Activations'''
**[[Asohime]]: When Main Card is A, grants 15% Damage Reduction (When Main Card also has Sustain Skill, activates Skill 2x on Straight+)
**[[Iris (MMX)]]: When Main Card is a Robot, activates Skill 2x on Straight+; On Full House+, activates Skill 2x with a 33% chance to activate it 3x instead (When Main Card is A and Robot, grants 15% Damage Reduction)
**[[KonoSuba - Let's Conquer Keele's Dungeon|Vanir's Mask]]: When Main Card's Skill Activates, 33% Chance to activate Skill 2x. On Straight+, Chance increases to 50%; 100% on Full House+
**[[Shizuka Gozen]]: When Main Card has Shield Skill, 33% chance to activate Skill 2x (When subbed alongside a Red and Green card, increases chance to 50%)
**[[Nirvana (Yuria)]]: When Main Card is Blue, 33% chance to activate its Skill 2x (Chance increases by +2% for every ally inflicted with a Status Effect; If 3 or more allies are inflicted with Status Effects, clears Status Effects)
**[[Iroha]]: When Main Card has Shield Skill, 33% Chance to grant 1.1x Power-Up Enhance effect
**[[Ancient Mage]]: When Main Card's Skill activates, applies a 1.2x Power-Up Enhance effect. (100% Chance)
**[[War Against the Witch's Cult|Subaru's Phone]]: When Main Card's Skill Activates, 25% Chance to grant 1.2x Power-Up effect. (On Straight+, chance Chance increases to 33%; 40% on Full House+ )
*'''AoE Effect'''
===Enhance Block Probability===
For 33% Subs (or any other Chance-based Sub for that matter), the percentages are actually '''multiplicative ''' (NOT additive) when stacked.
*1 Sub: 33%
*2 Subs: 55.11%
*2 Subs: 83.8%
*3 Subs: 93.5%
Sub Order DOES matter when it comes to these Subs. Place Cards with a higher Chance% in higher Sub Slots for better chances of them going off.
== References ==
*[https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LmQvuE6f03OIdSS6I7py4jrc4sZ-at772i55V-9gUGI/edit?pli=1#heading=h.3apwtdqkezdv Dragon Poker English Miniguide]
*[http://www.mukuchi-no-kai.com/1351 無口の会]
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Preventing Enhance Link

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