==Second Awakening==
Added in the 2.5.8 update, certain Cards can now be "further Awakened" allowing to be upgraded even further, increasing their base stats and enhancing their Skills. <br> Essentially, this acts as a "Second Awakening" (referred to as S.Awakening on Card Pages).
In order for a Card to Awaken even further, the following conditions must be met:
*The card must be capable of further Awakening. (Thus, they must already be Awakened.)
*The card must be at Max Level.
*You must have the required Evolution Materials. These are the same Materials used to Awaken them in the first place.
*The card's new Cost cannot run over your Total Deck Cost limit. (If you have the above conditions fulfilled, but the Card still can't Awaken, check your various Decks; especially your Duel Match Decks.)
Of course, there are a few quirks with how further Awakening works.
*After achieving further Awakening, the card will remain at Level 120 and retain its previous Skill Level.
*The card's maximum stats also increase by ~10% from before.
*Some cards will have their Skills changed as well as their Cost and Orb Slots increased.
*Card rarity is unchanged (e.g. If a card was GOD before, it remains GOD-rarity after Awakening.)
===Card List===
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!Date||Cards||Awakening Crystals
|6/3/19|| [[Phoenix]], [[Susanoo]], [[Rivol]] || [[File:Awakening CrystalR1card.png|50px]]
[[Category:Game Mechanics]]
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Awakening System

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