They can no longer be attained unless noted otherwise. <br>
*This excludes any Seasonal Cards that can be captured/rolled. See [[Club Bad Girls]] for more info on those.
*This also excludes any Collab-exclusive Cardswith few exceptions. See the respective Collab Dungeon page for a list of those cards.
{| class="wikitable"
| align="center" style="background:#f0f0f0;"|'''Card'''
| [[Lino (Nana)]]||May Anniversary Limited Card (Rare Gacha)
| [[Exorcist XIII]]||May Anniversary Limited Card (Rare Gacha)
| [[Taro Band]]||May Anniversary Limited Card (Rare Gacha)
| [[Vermouth (New Year)]]||New Years Limited Card (Rare Gacha)
||-| [[Izanami (Wrestler)]]||New Years Wrestler Limited Card (Rare Gacha)|-| [[Karin (Wrestler)]]||Wrestler Limited Card (Rare Gacha)|-| [[Clare (Wrestler)]]||Wrestler Limited Card (Rare Gacha)
| [[Karin Nyarlathotep (Wrestler)]]||New Years Wrestler Limited Card (Rare Gacha)
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Limited Cards

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