**[[The_Monstrosity_That_Dwells_In_The_Darkness#Worn_Tomes_and_the_Books_of_Eibon|Eibon's Book (Red)]]: 33% Chance to make Red Card's Skill gain a Power-Up Effect (1.2x)
**[[Ham Han]]: 20%/50% chance to apply a 1.5x Power-Up Enhance effect to the Main Card's Skill.
** Box of Darkness: When Main Card is A, prevents Enhance Linking and randomly increases Skill Power by 0.3x/0.7x/1.0x/1.2x/1.6x (100% Chance)
**[[Iroha]]: When Main Card has Shield Skill, 33% Chance to grant 1.1x Power-Up Enhance effect
**[[Ancient Mage]]: When Main Card's Skill activates, applies a 1.2x Power-Up Enhance effect. (100% Chance)
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About Enhance Skills

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Preventing Enhance Link

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