|Name[ENG]=Evil Desires Awakening
|Type=Challenge Dungeon
|History=5/14/2018 - 5/28/2018<br> 5/6/2019 - 5/13/2019
*The Bosses are all weak to Charm. If you manage to Charm them, they'll skip attacking you and instead clear their Status and apply a Status Immunity Shield.
**Shield Breakers are somewhat handy because of this mechanic; especially since you won't be able to reapply Charm until you've broken or consumed the Shield.
*All of the Bosses have a Charge mechanic('''Original Sin Charge'''). They'll cover themselves in a Red Aura and prepare a Release attack. This can go up to Lv2.**The Lv1 Release attack generally isn't too bad. It'll deal a good chunk of damage, break Shields, and Debuff you.
**The Lv2 Release attack is considerably worse, as it's basically a more powerful version of Lv1 + other stuff depending on the Boss present.
**If you Charm the Bosses while they're Charging, it'll prevent the Release attack from occurring...(though once they've hit Lv2, things get dicey.)
**These will deal a good chunk of damage, break Shields, and greatly Debuff you.
*Most Shields are ineffective as most of the Bosses will break Shields with their Normal attacks or their Release attacks.
**However, Evasion Shields will evade the majority of attacks thrown your way including the Release attacks. Cards like [[Okuni]] and [[Shizuka Gozen]] will help out a lot.
====Emperor Difficulty====
*The Bosses get a pretty significant Buff on Emperor difficulty. They're pretty much on par with TDK/SDK Bosses.
*They get a big HP boost to the tune of 2 Million HP and also hit significantly harder than before. Debuff Cards are a must!
*Their Lv2 Release Attacks will now deal 200% Max HP Gravity damage...so it's '''INSTANT DEATH''' if it goes off! Prevent it at all costs with Charmor evade it with Evasion Shields!
*Once they've fallen below 50% HP, the Bosses can immediately go into a Lv2 Charge state.
*Charm Cards (and relevant Shield Breakers) are a must-have for this Difficulty due to the mechanics in place.
*Preemptive Attack: Attacks the Party.
*Can absorb the Party's Buffs. Be careful of trying to Flash Buff or you might just power up Mammon!
*Can inflict Charm.
*Preemptive Attack: Attacks the Party.
*Can inflict Taunt and Damage UP with some of his attacks.
*Preemptive Attack: Attacks the Party and may inflict Charm.
*Can Debuff with attacks.
*Can also inflict a Sustained Debuff effect.
*Lv1 Release attack may also Charm.
*Preemptive Attack: Attacks the Party and may inflict random Status Effects.
*Can greatly Debuff with attacks.
*Can Reverse his Debuffs.
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Evil Desires Awakening

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