In order to evolve these Cards, you'll need to obtain a Dupe of that Card. Once you obtain a Dupe, the Card will automatically evolve into its next form and increase its Skill Lv. <br>
Skill Fairies and other Skill-Up fodder cannot be used to increase their Skill Lv. <br>
 As of 4/1/2019, GDR Cards can be rolled from special GDR MAX Gachas with a 34% Chance of them appearing on getting an SS Card. <br>Currently, these cards can NOT be rolled through SS Gacha Tickets or other MAX Gachasthat do not feature GDR Cards
*Cards that are capable of evolving to GDR start out at GOD Rarity, Lv120, and Skill Lv5.
*Upon getting a 2nd Copy of the Card, it will evolve to GOD II and increase to Skill Lv6.
====GDR Card List====
===Rare Cards===
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GDR Cards

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