The most common way to obtain these materials is to run the special Challenge Dungeons, where they have a chance to drop when you clear the Dungeon (higher difficulties offer a better chance for a drop).<br>
The Awakening Materials may also sometimes be obtained through Special Campaigns or Gachas.
Something to keep in mind is that there is a Special Mission for getting a Card into an "Awakening State" for the first time. (eg. the Card is at Max Lv and Max Skill Lv and can be Awakened.) <br>
The first Card you get into this State will trigger the Mission's Completion and you can claim an Awakening Material Package as a Reward, giving you all the materials you need to Awaken your first Card.
With recent updates to the Challenge Dungeons, you can now earn Points when you beat them. <br>
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Awakening System

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Awakening Evolution Materials

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