===Special Gachas===
Occasionally special Gachas will be featured that have greatly increased chances of getting an SS Card or guaranteeing one. One such variation is the "11-Roll Gacha" where you can spend 50 Dragon Stones for 11 Rolls with a guaranteed 34-Cost card to come out (along with the usual rates of getting a S/SS card) as well Material Card rewards. Keep an eye for such Special Gachas to see if they're worth your time!
===GJ Gacha===
When you clear a Dungeon, you can choose to give GJ Points to other Players (they may do the same to you). These GJ Points can then be used to roll a special GJ Gacha. It's basically the same as the Rare Material Gacha in that it only gives out Material Cards. The only major difference is that you can also get Rings from the GJ Gacha. It's 100P for a single Roll and 1000P for a 10-Roll.
===New Year's Lucky Bag===
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