*Nirvana's mechanics are fairly similar to Ashurava's, but she mostly Debuffs harder and has some nastier Status Effects.*Her Preemptive Attack will break the Party's Shields and inflict Debuffs.*She can inflict 99% HP Gravity damage to the Party (this won't kill however).*She also inflicts much nastier Debuffs; make sure to have Status Reflect handy!*Like Ashurava, she comes with some OOPARTS as well, and will eventually break them during the fight to inflict Damage UP as well as Blindness and Debuffs.**However, once both OOPARTS are gone, the fight will get considerably harder...**Nirvana will fully Buff herself +10 to all Stats and apply Damage UP to the Party. She'll then begin using the OOPARTS to Nuke the Party!!!**If you manage to inflict Sleep on Nirvana, you'll stop the Nuke from happening. Otherwise, Nirvana will '''INSTANTLY KILL''' the Party.
===True Dragon King===
*Anusaya, Kresha, and Chupacabra appear on Wave 2.
*Nirvana appears on the Boss Wave.
**As opposed to previous difficulties, this is a totally different fight as Nirvana won't have any OOPARTS with her.**Nirvana's Preemptive Attack will break Shields and deal 99% Gravity damage to the Party. (This can be avoid avoided with Evasion Shields.)
**Nirvana's gimmick revolves around the "Winged Snake's Protection"; unless you can pierce through it, she'll nuke the Party for FATAL damage after 4 Turns.
**If you manage to hit Nirvana with 10 Stab attacks in one turn, it'll break her Protection causing her to lose her Buffs and self-inflict massive damage.
**However, every turn you fail to pierce the Winged Snake's Protection, Nirvana will fully Heal/Buff herself and attack the Party for 99% Gravity damage! (If you're not at full HP, you're dead. Can be avoided with Evasion Shields.)
**Once Nirvana's Protection is gone, the fight becomes considerably easier to manage. (If all goes well, you should be able to finish her without much issues.)
**Multiply Enhance and Multi-hit Stab cards are a MUST HAVE in this fight!!! Evasion Shield cards like [[Okuni]] help neuter much of Nirvana's attacks too.
===Recommended Cards===
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