The first two waves consist of various Event Cards.
The boss bosses [[File:Water.png|25px]] '''[[Ashurava]]''' is and '''[[Nirvana]]''' are weak to [[File:Wood.png|25px]] [[File:Stab.png|25px]] and '''Sleep'''. Nirvana has a chance to replace Ashurava as the boss. Defeat her for additional Points!
*Ashurava comes alongside two OOPARTS (Out-of-Place Artifacts) in the fight.
**The OOPARTS can be Cardified but at an extremely low rate. Don't bother trying to capture them since they'll likely be destroyed anyways.
**If you don't put Ashurava to Sleep, the Release attack will deal extremely heavy damage as well as breaking any Shields you have up. This is fatal on higher difficulties.
*As such, the general Strategy is to try and defeat Ashurava before both OOPARTS are destroyed, as it'll make for a relatively easy fight.
===True Dragon King===
*Captain Santa, Sirona & Chloe, and Lise (Hunter) appear on Wave 1.
*Anusaya, Kresha, and Chupacabra appear on Wave 2.
*Nirvana appears on the Boss Wave.
**Nirvana's Preemptive Attack will deal 99% Gravity damage to the Party. (This can be avoid with Evasion Shields.)
**Nirvana's gimmick revolves around the "Winged Snake's Protection"; unless you can pierce through it, she'll nuke the Party for FATAL damage after 4 Turns.
**If you manage to hit Nirvana with 10 Stab attacks in one turn, it'll break her Protection causing her to lose her Buffs and self-inflict massive damage.
===Recommended Cards===
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Ancient Ruins of Nirvana

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