*His attacks can frequently inflict Debuffs. Status Reflect is highly recommended!
*If you inflict Sleep on Ashurava, it can prevent some of his attacks.
**However, if you try to spam Sleep on him (at least 2 turnsin a row), he'll Nuke the Party with a powerful Counter attack! *Once Ashurava starts to break the OOPARTS, things get dangerous; he'll apply Damage UP to the Party when they're destroyed. **It's imperative to get rid of Damage UP ASAP! Otherwise, you'll suffer a lot of damage on the next turn (if you don't put him to Sleep or overwrite Damage UP).*After both OOPARTS are gone, the fight will get harder...Ashurava will start using much stronger attacks.**He'll be able to inflict Confusion and Zombify to the Party.**What's more, he'll also start constantly Buffing himself and apply a Sustained Buff effect.**Finally, Ashurava will prepare to use a nasty Release attackagainst the Party! He'll fully Buff himself and apply Damage UP to the Party.**If you don't put Ashurava to Sleep, the Release attack will deal extremely heavy damage as well as breaking any Shields you have up. This is fatal on higher difficulties.
===Recommended Cards===
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