*Ashurava comes alongside two OOPARTS in the fight.
**The OOPARTS can be Cardified but at an extremely low rate. Don't bother trying to capture them since they'll likely be destroyed anyways.
**The OOPARTS have an enormous amount of HP (~20 mil); it's practically impossible that you'll destroy one.
**Ashurava will eventually destroy them and apply Damage UP to the Party.
*Ashurava's Preemptive Attack will break the Party's Shields and inflict Debuffs.
*His attacks can frequently inflict Debuffs. Status Reflect is highly recommended!
*If you inflict Sleep on Ashurava, it can prevent some of his attacks.
**However, if you try to spam Sleep on him (at least 2 turns), he'll Nuke the Party with a powerful Release attack!
===Recommended Cards===
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