can actually work in your favor if you have Ham equipped to a non-attacking card however as it will leave any potential
skill links available for your teams attacking cards, oddly enough this also makes Ham a suitable subcard for himself. In the end it's up to you to decide if the relatively low activation rate is worth losing out on a potentially more powerful link.
Ham Han's Sub is pretty much the same as before, but now the activation chance has jumped to a whopping 50%! <br>
Needless to say, this makes him considerably more useful than before, with the low 20% chance.
As before, Ham can be used to help Prevent Enhance this case, giving a 1.5x Power-Up Enhance effect.<br>
This can be particularity useful for Shield Cards as it can directly boost the chances of Shields being applied.
As with other cards that Prevent Enhance Linking, you'll want to probably stack similar subs to up your chances of it activating.<br>
This also makes having Ham dupes quite attractive now. 2 on a Card will increase your chances up to 75% and 3 up to around 87%. (Due to the Chance% being multiplicative, not additive.)
==Awakening Skill==
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Ham Han

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