*Increases the Party's DEF if your DEF is Negative.
*DEF Buff is based on the Buff needed to get you back to 0. So if you're at -4 DEF for example, the Party is Buffed for +4 DEF.
*If the DEF Debuff sends your DEF below 0, the Party's DEF is Buffed as a result.
As with many other older Cards, Ham Han was looking a bit old in the tooth with numerous other Red Buff cards being released, most of which tended outshine him. Fortunately, Awakening gives Ham Han some nice improvements by making his Buff inherently AoE now. The DEF Debuff unfortunately still remains, but it's still a relatively low chance to occur. However, an extra bonus Ham Han gets is that he can also Buff the Party's DEF if your DEF is Negative. The DEF Buff is based on how much DEF you need to get back to 0, making it particularly strong if your DEF is very low. As such, Ham Han has the potential to Buff all of the Party's Stats if the right conditions are met.
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Ham Han

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