|Orb Socket=2
|Main Skill(en)=Attack and Speed, as One
|Main Skill Description(en)=Increases your ATK/AGI, but chance to also reduce your DEF (ATK/AGI Buff spreads to Party on Straight+).
|Main Skill(ja)=攻早一体
|Super Fusion(en)=Mental Concentration
|Super Fusion(ja)=精神統一
|Awoken=NoYes|Awoken Level=120|Awoken HP=2525|Awoken ATK=1682|Awoken DEF=1804|Awoken Cost=32|Awoken Orb Socket=4|Awoken Main Skill(en)=True Attack and Speed as One|Awoken Main Skill Description(en)=Increases the Party's ATK/AGI, but chance to self-inflict -1 DEF (When your DEF is Negative, increases the Party's DEF as well; DEF Buff increases the lower your DEF is)|Awoken Main Skill(ja)=真・攻早一体|Awoken Main Skill Description(ja)=味方全体の攻撃力・素早さを上昇させるが、確率で自分の防御力1段階減少(自分の防御力がマイナスの時、追加で味方全体の防御力を上昇する。上昇する値は自分の防御力が低い程増加)|Awoken Sub Skill(en)=True Self-Energize|Awoken Sub Skill Description(en)=50% Chance to apply a 1.5x Power-Up Enhance effect on Skill Activation (Prevents Enhance Linking if it activates)|Awoken Sub Skill(ja)=真・自己活性化|Awoken Sub Skill Description(ja)=親分のスキル発動時、確率(50%)でスキルを威力UPする(1.5倍)|Awoken Skill(en)=Pig-Lin Temple Kenpo|Awoken Skill Description(en)=When entering Boss Wave, applies Iron Wall|Awoken Skill(ja)=豚林寺拳法|Awoken Skill Description(ja)=ボス戦開始時、鉄壁状態で開始する
As noted, Sl7 is extremely important- Allowing you to hit +2 on both stats with a +15% Skill Boost, and reducing the DEF Debuff to levels negatable by Xebec or Diamond with only a 40% chance of occurring, and looking like far less of a complete scrub beyond running Ham. Noted, this Skill also shifts to AOE on Straight+, buffing the entire Party and spreading all effects.
{| class="wikitable"
|AGI/ATK Buff||1.75
|DEF Debuff||-1
|Debuff Chance||40%
*Increases the Party's DEF if your DEF is Negative.
*DEF Buff is based on the Buff needed to get you back to 0. So if you're at -4 DEF for example, the Party is Buffed for +4 DEF.
==Sub Skill==
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