|Base Rarity=SS+
|Max Rarity=GOD
|Orb Socket=2|Main Skill(en)=Attack and Speed, as One
|Main Skill Description(en)=Increases your ATK/AGI, but chance to also reduce your DEF (ATK/AGI Buff spreads to Party on Straight+).
|Main Skill(ja)=攻早一体
|Super Fusion(en)=Mental Concentration
|Super Fusion(ja)=精神統一
|Awoken=Yes|Awoken Level=120|Awoken HP=2525|Awoken ATK=1682|Awoken DEF=1804|Awoken Cost=32|Awoken Orb Socket=4|Awoken Main Skill(en)=True Attack and Speed as One|Awoken Main Skill Description(en)=Increases the Party's ATK/AGI, but chance to self-inflict -1 DEF (When your DEF is Negative, increases the Party's DEF as well; DEF Buff increases the lower your DEF is)|Awoken Main Skill(ja)=真・攻早一体|Awoken Main Skill Description(ja)=味方全体の攻撃力・素早さを上昇させるが、確率で自分の防御力1段階減少(自分の防御力がマイナスの時、追加で味方全体の防御力を上昇する。上昇する値は自分の防御力が低い程増加)|Awoken Sub Skill(en)=True Self-Energize|Awoken Sub Skill Description(en)=50% Chance to apply a 1.5x Power-Up Enhance effect on Skill Activation (Prevents Enhance Linking if it activates)|Awoken Sub Skill(ja)=真・自己活性化|Awoken Sub Skill Description(ja)=親分のスキル発動時、確率(50%)でスキルを威力UPする(1.5倍)|Awoken Skill(en)=Pig-Lin Temple Kenpo|Awoken Skill Description(en)=When entering Boss Wave, applies Iron Wall|Awoken Skill(ja)=豚林寺拳法|Awoken Skill Description(ja)=ボス戦開始時、鉄壁状態で開始する|S.Awoken=No
As noted, Sl7 is extremely important- Allowing you to hit +2 on both stats with a +15%Skill Boost, and reducing the debuff DEF Debuff to levels negatable by Xebec or Diamond and with only a 40%chance of occurring, and looking like far less of a complete scrub, beyond running Ham. Noted, this attack Skill also shifts to AOE on straightStraight+, buffing the entire team Party and spreading all effects. ===Awakened==={| class="wikitable"!||SL7|-|AGI/ATK Buff||1.75|-|DEF Debuff||-1|-|Debuff Chance||40%|}*Increases the Party's DEF if your DEF is Negative. *DEF Buff is based on the Buff needed to get you back to 0. So if you're at -4 DEF for example, the Party is Buffed for +4 DEF.*If the DEF Debuff sends your DEF below 0, the Party's DEF is Buffed as a result. As with many other older Cards, Ham Han was looking a bit old in the tooth with numerous other Red Buff cards being released, most of which tended outshine him. Fortunately, Awakening gives Ham Han some nice improvements by making his Buff inherently AoE now. The DEF Debuff unfortunately still remains, but it's still a relatively low chance to occur. However, an extra bonus Ham Han gets is that he can also Buff the Party's DEF if your DEF is Negative. The DEF Buff is based on how much DEF you need to get back to 0, making it particularly strong if your DEF is very low. As such, Ham Han has the potential to Buff all of the Party's Stats if the right conditions are met.
==Sub Skill==
can actually work in your favor if you have Ham equipped to a non-attacking card however as it will leave any potential
skill links available for your teams attacking cards, oddly enough this also makes Ham a suitable subcard for himself. In the end it's up to you to decide if the relatively low activation rate is worth losing out on a potentially more powerful link.
Ham Han's Sub is pretty much the same as before, but now the activation chance has jumped to a whopping 50%! <br>
Needless to say, this makes him considerably more useful than before, with the low 20% chance.
As before, Ham can be used to help Prevent Enhance Linking...in this case, giving a 1.5x Power-Up Enhance effect.<br>
This can be particularity useful for Shield Cards as it can directly boost the chances of Shields being applied.
As with other cards that Prevent Enhance Linking, you'll want to probably stack similar subs to up your chances of it activating.<br>
This also makes having Ham dupes quite attractive now. 2 on a Card will increase your chances up to 75% and 3 up to around 87%. (Due to the Chance% being multiplicative, not additive.)
==Awakening Skill==
A very interesting skill, it applies Iron Wall to yourself before entering a Boss Fight. <br>
Very useful on higher difficulty dungeons for preventing damage from a Boss' preemptive attack.
==Recommended Subcards==
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