===Gacha Tickets===
Special Gacha Tickets can be obtained to redeem new cards. These come in the form of Rare Gacha Tickets, S Gacha Tickets, and SS Gacha Tickets. They guarantee that whatever card you get will be at least the rarity of the selected ticket (So if you redeem 1 S Gacha Ticket, the card you get will be at minimum an S-rarity card, but could turn out to be a SS card). However, while you have a chance to get a higher rarity card, R and S Gacha Tickets will be restricted to at most 28 Cost. For SS Gacha Tickets, such restrictions are no longer in place, meaning you could potentially get any SS card available from the Rare Gacha.
*You cannot get any Special Collab, Holiday, or Event Cards from an SS Ticket. Just whatever is available normally in the Rare Gacha (including Limited cards that are present in the Rare Gachas for their duration).
*The chances of getting an SS Card from from an R or S Gacha Ticket is about the same as rolling the Rare Gacha itself; just consider yourself lucky!
*The recently added SS Gacha Ticket (U28) can churn out SS cards that are 28 Cost or lower.
===Special Gachas===
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Gacha Tickets

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