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The query [[Category:Cards]] [[Has element::Wood]] [[Has max rarity::DRA]] was answered by the SMWSQLStore3 in 0.0494 seconds.

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Leoncard.png  Little Kokopellicard.png  MIAcard.png  Magical Beastscard.png  Michaelcard.png  Mini Gorillacard.png  Mini Harpycard.png  Mini Pigeoncard.png  Mordredcard.png  Mozguscard.png  Neo Sigmacard.png  Netzahcard.png  Nimue & Nyankocard.png  Nuecard.png  Oberoncard.png  Olog-haicard.png  Ozcard.png  PlantMancard.png  Pluto (Tezuka)card.png  Queen Mothercard.png  Senjuucard.png  Sheriff Deckerscard.png  Shincard.png  Sigma Viruscard.png  Thor (New Year)card.png  Torture Executionercard.png  Tsubamecard.png  Tweedle Twinscard.png  Typhoncard.png  Urielcard.png  Warning Girlscard.png  Warning Girls - Eldritch Forcecard.png  Werefoxcard.png  Wicked Witch of the Westcard.png  Wire Sponge (MMX)card.png 

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Yattermancard.png  Yggdrasilcard.png  Zeuscard.png