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The query [[Category:Cards]] [[Has element::Water]] [[Has max rarity::DRA]] was answered by the SMWSQLStore3 in 0.0408 seconds.

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Mini Hippocard.png  Mini Mermaidcard.png  Mini Walruscard.png  Momotarocard.png  Nabucard.png  Nure-onnacard.png  Nurikabecard.png  Odincard.png  Orthoscard.png  Oulialcard.png  Penguin (Circus)card.png  Professor Ochanomizucard.png  Prometheumcard.png  Raphaelcard.png  Recettecard.png  Ryujincard.png  Ryujin (Turtle)card.png  Saizoucard.png  Sarielcard.png  Shucard.png  Sieg & Sigurd (Ragnarok)card.png  Sieg & Vermo (Genesis)card.png  Siegfried (New Year)card.png 

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Sphinxcard.png  Sphinx (Throne)card.png  Tick Tock Mancard.png  Victoriacard.png  Vindalecard.png  Walking Kinjiro Ninomiyacard.png  Wellnessiacard.png  Wendy Oldbagcard.png  William Birkincard.png  Xebeccard.png  Yuucard.png