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The query [[Category:Cards]] [[Has element::Fire]] [[Has max rarity::DRA]] was answered by the SMWSQLStore3 in 0.0497 seconds.

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Kuchinawacard.png  Leonidas (Mogul)card.png  Linocard.png  Lino (Halloween)card.png  Lunalunacard.png  Machine Fathercard.png  Mage Family (Staff)card.png  Magica Lucifacard.png  Magical Flute Sorcerercard.png  Magna Centipede (MMX)card.png  Mandrill (Bare)card.png  Manfred von Karmacard.png  Marrone Fightercard.png  Migurucard.png  Mini Coyotecard.png  Mini Ifrinacard.png  Mini Mandrillcard.png  Minotaur (Danmachi)card.png  Mitsuhidecard.png  Momocard.png  Ms. Bunnycard.png  Oguchi No Magamicard.png  Pharaohcard.png  Red Onisukecard.png  Red Samuraicard.png  Regulus (Festival)card.png  Rivol (Wrestler)card.png  Roc Birdcard.png  Sasukecard.png  Scarletcard.png  Seraphcard.png  Sessaicard.png  Siettocard.png  Sironacard.png  Stiyl Magnuscard.png  Surprisecard.png  Surtrcard.png  Susanoo (Wrestler)card.png  TS808card.png  Taurus (Festival)card.png  Thanatoscard.png  Thor & Freyacard.png  Tsuchigumocard.png  Tyrant T-103card.png  Undead Knight (KonoSuba)card.png  Verdia (KonoSuba)card.png  Vermillioncard.png  Vestycard.png  Volkscard.png  Volks (Ravenous)card.png