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Nicknames Sfat, Super Fat Lips
Rarity (レア) SS+.pngGOD.png
Girl, Eldritch
女の子, 邪神
Max Stats
Lv:120 HP:2515 ATK:1658 DEF:1354
Lv:120 HP:3018 ATK:1990 DEF:1625 (Awoken)
Main Skill (スキル)
Rapid Claw
1-5x Claw-attack, grants +1 AGI for each attack executed (Minimum number of attacks is based on current level of AGI)
Sub Skill (子分スキル)
Power of Madness
When Main Card has Attack Skill and your HP is 50% or higher, grants 20% Damage Boost (Damage Boost increases as your HP increases; Maxes at 35% at Full HP)
Awoken Main Skill (スキル)
'Invisible Claw
3-5x Claw attack, grants +1 AGI for every attack executed (When you have +4 AGI, increases the Minimum # of attacks to 4; When you have +5 AGI, increases the Minimum # of attacks to 5)
Awoken Sub Skill (子分スキル)
'Power of Revenge
When Main Card has Attack Skill, grants 35% Skill Boost (When your HP is at 100%, grants 35-40% Skill Boost instead)
Awoken Skill (覚醒スキル)
'Great Mother
On Skill Activation, grants 3% Skill Boost x the # of Claw Cards in the played hand
S.Awoken Main Skill (スキル)

S.Awoken Sub Skill (子分スキル)

S.Awoken Skill (覚醒スキル)

Super Fusion (超合体)
Power of the Eldritch

Cthughacard.png  Cthulhucard.png  Cthulhu (Abyss)card.png  Hasturcard.png  Ns-L'yicard.png  Nyarlathotepcard.png  Nyarlathotep (B)card.png  Sfatlicllpcard.png  Shathak Hyperboreacard.png  Tsathogguacard.png 
Shared by (合体カード): Cthugha, Cthulhu, Cthulhu (Abyss), Hastur, Ns-L'yi, Nyarlathotep, Nyarlathotep (B), Sfatlicllp, Shathak Hyperborea, Tsathoggua


Main Skill

DMG 0.65× 0.70× 0.75× 0.80× 0.90× 0.95× 1.00×
ATTACKS 1 2 3 4 5
CHANCE 5% 14% 61% 15% 5%
  • For each +AGI, you will execute that many attacks or more. (# of attacks executed is determined at the start of the played hand).
    • For example, if you have +2 AGI at the start of the Hand, you'll execute 2-5x Claw attacks. If you even get AGI Buffs that Turn, this will remain constant.

Yet another of the relatively few Eldritch cards, Sfatlicllp comes in as a very interesting Red Claw card. Sfat's Main Skill is essentially 1-5x Claw attacks against the enemy. For every attack made, you get +1 AGI, and making Sfat even better is that the minimum number of attacks is tied to your AGI. (So at +5 AGI, it's a guaranteed 5x Claw attack.) As such, it doesn't take much to get Sfat up and going pretty quickly. Of course, one issue is that her low DMG multiplier may make Sfat not so effective against high Defense foes (usually at the highest difficulties). Though she's relatively great for boosting your AGI.


DMG 1.00×
  • Grants +1 AGI for every attack executed.
AGI # of Attacks
3 or less 3-5
4 4-5
5 5

Awakening increases Sfatlicllp's Main Skill and makes her even stronger than before. Now she's got a 3-5x Claw attack by default, but otherwise her Skill works essentially the same as it does before. Thankfully, Sfatlicllp got a very nice Attack boost allowing her to hit relatively harder than before. And she's still great for buffing your AGI quickly.

Sub Skill

Grants a 20% Damage Boost if above 50% HP. Of course, as your HP% increases, you get a higher Damage Boost all the way up to a max of 35% at 100% HP.
It's a pretty decent boost, though being tied to your current HP% makes it rather variable and if you fall below 50% HP, you lose the boost altogether.
As it is, it's a fairly mediocre Sub Skill, but it's not the worst.


Awakening greatly makes Sfatlicllp a much better Sub by making her a 35% Skill Boost for any Attack Card! But if you're at 100% HP, then it increases to 35-40% instead!
Keep at full HP to get the most out of Sfatlicllp.

Awakening Skill

A nice little bonus; Sfatlicllp gets an extra Skill Boost based on the number of the Claw Cards in the played hand. (+3% for every Claw Card present)

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